Presence and Beauty

by Dreamfable

Today I suddenly became aware of the role of beauty. That beauty almost pulls me into presence. I now recognize that is movement has been with me for as far as I know.

I can wander for hours through forests. Seeing beauty everywhere I look. Feeling the aliveness of the trees. Taking away tensions… A blanket of peace… Energetic…

Paintings and words of artists can really touch me. Taking me inside. They are like bridges to another world.

Sometimes I have it with people as well. More with women then with men. Although there are exceptions.

I do not know why this is. This relationship between presence and beauty. This discrimination of the world. I assume that the more enlightened a person is, the more this person will be able to see beauty.

I am not enlightened however. So until then… I just enjoy beauty and am grateful for it’s quality in bringing me closer to presence

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3 Responses to Presence and Beauty

  1. Angelika says:

    I experience Genuine Beauty as Life / Consciousness / God
    becoming visible, shining, radiating out of any form.

    Paul keeps reminding me,
    that we can see and recognize Genuine Beauty, since it is inherent within us.

    The more we are in touch with it inside,
    the more we regognize it and experience it in our enviroment.

  2. Michaela says:

    Thank you for that beautiful reflection.

    Seeing beauty is experiencing it. It is everywhere. In nature, in people, in the cobble stones or even in the most ugly thing.

    It is just there, It just is. And so am I.

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