Facing adversity, facing aversion

Look around you – it s all but impossible to ignore: The world that we have known and took for granted,  has simply ceased to exist.  There is a forceful dynamic at work, that is bringing everything that is untrue to the surface.  The political farce and budget debacle in the US, the debt crisis and dis-unification of Europe, the revolution and changes in the Middle East, the earthquake cum tsunami in Japan, followed by a nuclear catastrophe – and those are just the top-line news from the past few weeks.

Are we witnessing the birth pangs of a New Earth ?

How are you holding up ? What can we do – what must be done to prepare ourselves to face this and more bad news on a global scale? What does it mean to live a truthful life, being confronted with adversity and facing aversion on an enormous scale ?

Please comment. Your ideas, thoughts, impressions, intuitions are welcome and allow us to connect in a time of great challenge and danger.

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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20 Responses to Facing adversity, facing aversion

  1. Glerikud says:

    This came to me today:

    Lot’s of people looking towards the future, what will or will not happen in the upcoming months. I even heard that the inhabitants of smaller villages (maybe not just them) are sphreading a rumour about only a few people will remain, but it will be very good for them…

    I looked on the fence and smiled: The New Earth will never come. It can’t. Because it is already fully here.

  2. Glerikud says:

    In the now.

  3. Michael says:

    The word and term aversion in the context given is considering challenges. Challenges can be opportunities to reconnect more with who and what you really are. Using the word bad misses this point.

    All human dramas offer this. Dramas entered into unconsciously are simply our egos guiding and directing us.

    External events are the result of the exchange of energies some of which we humans had a part in directing. In times of increased fear and uncertainty those energies are usually manifesting as separate components. At least that is how they appear. This asks of one to move past appearances and into the innate Unity beyond these.

    Meeting what are referred to as disasters or simple changes/transitions of the human condition need no advanced preparation. Simply moving into the Love and Peace you are in your Now is sufficient.

    • Michaela says:

      Hi Michael

      Thank you. I adapted the title to make it a bit clearer what I mean. To me it feels now like we are called to put into practice what we have adopted as inner truth.

  4. Brenda Rose says:

    No fear or worries here. I think it’s good to have emergency supplies on hand to last about a month. But that’s handy for anything that might happen.

    In one sense, I’m happy the earth is changing. There is quite a bit of it that I don’t like! Japan has shown us the way to handle emergencies with the kindness they show to each other. I hope the rest of the world follows their example.

    It is as it is. Be in the moment and do what can be done.

  5. Abitiki says:

    For me, it’s about being careful where I place my attention.
    That’s showing up as not trying to grasp what’s happening with the mind.
    ‘I see that and this means…’
    It’s more of an opening to receiving whatever’s happening now, without calling it anything, or pushing it away.

    The mind always wants to somehow control what’s happening, which is out of our hands. The way life moves has nothing to do with my will.
    For example, last week there was flooding here, and no amount of the mind’s resistance would have made any difference, to the rain, the tide, the moon, or the layout of the town.
    The truth isn’t in calling something adversity, but in asking ‘what’s here right now?’
    ‘What can be done, and what can’t be done, by me, right now?’
    ‘What do I have, and not have, to work with, right now?’
    In my case, it was to leave town to avoid the risk of being cut off there and using up resources. My partner’s choice was to go to town and help salvage what he could from his workplace (though he’s on holidays), to help others, and so risk being cut off.
    (His workplace went under water, cleanup is happening, and neither of us got trapped in town, as it turned out).
    Can I say that if our house had gone under, there wouldn’t have been a wailing & gnashing of teeth? Nope.
    It’s not necessary or in any way helpful to focus on something that didn’t happen.

    Where personal will does have a place, is in what I focus on.
    I know I can’t deal with the whole world. And I don’t have to.
    Response arises out of being open to what’s appearing in the moment.

    Likewise, my reaction to wider world events is to watch for any contraction in my energy, and as far as possible, stay open.
    Then at least I’m not adding negativity and fear to the collective energy.

    Of course, I’m aware that people are hurting.
    One thing I can do is to not join them if possible, not add my pain to their pain, and not contribute to any kind of snowballing avalanche of human suffering.

    What I can do is hold my light.
    And anything else that’s in my power to do.

    Maybe this would be a good place to post a link to Eckhart Tolle’s answer to the question of ‘responsibility’?

    ‘You are responsible for all of that’.

  6. johanna11 says:

    Yes, being in the now, moving into the Love and Peace that we are, great – but spoken from what seems like a safe spot! How would it be with us if we lived in Sendai?
    I am reminded of a book by a Japanese Christian, one who survived the bomb… he really lived his faith. To me it remains a question: how can we really do this?

  7. Abitiki says:

    Seems to me, the answer is the same…if you’re in Sendai, and you’re not at immediate risk, then that IS ‘safe’, in that moment.
    Same if you’ve lost your home in the States, survived an earthquake in Chile or New Zealand, or living in a war zone or refugee camp.
    And you still face the same questions.
    What do I actually have?
    What can I actually do?

    You still do what you can, carrying the emotions you have, even if that means for now you put your head on your knees and wail.
    Then, eventually, you still get up and do what you can.
    One thing at a time.
    This, we can all do.
    It’s all that’s ever really asked of us.

    What I’ve noticed is that, in the moment I’m about to sit down to lunch, and I suddenly see fire is roaring on to the property, towards the house, there’s no question of stopping to think if I’m ready, if I can handle this, I just move.
    In that case it’s get as much protective gear on as I can, grab whatever I can use, and run out the door and into it.
    Thinking and fear reactions happen afterwards, but when action is needed, it’s there.

    Sometimes fight or flight, sometimes all that’s possible is freeze.

    But right now, in our loungerooms, at the computer, none of these reactions is necessary, and if we somehow ‘bring them up’ with imaginings, we’re creating an unnecessary, unhelpful contraction in our own system that has nothing to do with the reality of what we’re actually experiencing.

    And we can shift into gratitude instead.
    That I’m sitting in a peaceful room right now is pure grace.

  8. Abitiki says:

    Eckhart Tolle, ‘What is my responsibility?’

  9. Michael says:

    Hi Michaela,

    From my understandings everyone applies their inner Truth each moment. Even when the egoic self is active that too is an inner Truth.

    If the application of an inner Truth is colored by a feeling that one “should” do this or that then the ego centric self is active. Doing without thought is considered to be more representative of a person Being in their Now and in their flow.

    I don’t know that a person can adopt an inner Truth however I believe I understand how you used the word “adopt”. Saying to themselves this Truth is who I am. We may just Be-come something with no thought about it. Very similar to what Abitiki wrote.

    As Eckhart mentions the only thing an individual could be considered responsible for is their state of consciousness. However most remain unaware that a “state of individual/collective consciousness” even exists. So can they be responsible for something they have no knowledge of? I think most would agree that as individuals and a collective energy there is constant unconscious creation occurring each moment.

    The more conscious individuals may be called on in a future Now to assist those who are experiencing challenges and difficulties. Should one feel a responsibility to do so? I would say no. To me each persons path and experiences are Perfect for them. Life is nothing other than experiences and all experiences reflect the Perfection of what IS. Choosing to involve oneself in any activity or interaction is an expression of free will. There can be consequences in our expression of free will. If one is at Peace before any consequence shows up often times nothing will show up. Consequences are about duality and Peaceful Presence is beyond that so nothing is created.

    Eckhart and others use the term dysfunction. Which I take to mean a conscious or unconscious lack of harmony. Such a thing can not exist. Like those who believe in chaos, the idea of disharmony is something not in a Perfect alignment with what IS. All that Is is in Perfect alignment each moment of the Now. It is just our egoic consciousness that tells us otherwise.

    When all things are understood and viewed as Perfection expressed by an increasing number of souls, nothing that occurs externally will matter. This is not to say one may not do something relative to that however. What I am though suggesting is that experientially we will start to create a world that does not contain the many self created trials and tribulations.

    There is a state of harmony on this level. Being a conscious part of that harmony is simply a choice. Looking past form and appearance is a useful way to experience it.

    Peace with Love,


  10. johanna11 says:

    Thank you, Abitiki – remarkable that you have so recently experienced the process you describe, with the floods. . (Your contribution appeared while I was writing my post). – what you say makes good sense, and it’s encouraging. Certainly, we do not help others by becoming depressed or angry. I’m not sure what you mean by suffering here, though – I’m guessing you refer to reacting fearfully to what one perceives, involving tightening or rigidity) rather than to a sense of sadness for their loss or pain, which can coexist with sense of that inner light, I believe. Sharing the pain is, I think, inevitable if one does not block one’s feelings. This happens more according to one’s connection with the people involved – in my case I felt more strongly affected by the Japanese tsuanmi, earthquake and nuclear power station breakdown, because my daughter and her family live in Toykyo. And not just in relation to their safety, but also because I feel some connection with these people (my son-in-law is Japanese).. I have noticed that when someone asks Eckhart a question about something painful to them, I seem to see a reflection of that, or an expression of compassion, in Eckhart’s face.

    It’s difficult, seeing so much pain and suffering on TV news, isn’t it?
    I find that I’m switching off for much of that – I can’t take it all on board, I guess.

    Perhaps we should not watch the “news” so often? I find I am more quiet when I don’t ….

  11. Dreamfable says:

    I recognize what Abitiki says about where to place attention.
    I have fallen in that pitfall so many times…

    Talking about change…
    Recently I was wondering how much I had changed deep inside and I came to the conclusion that deep inside I stayed the same. I changed outwardly, my beliefs might have shifted a little and my behavior may be different. But I feel that there is something deep inside of me that has not changed at all.

    gr. Raoef

  12. Michael says:

    Hi Raoef,

    Personal changes often times are felt initially by outward expressions of some kind. For those to happen though, says that something internal has shifted. For you to even feel and be aware of this is an expression of a much deeper understanding.

    Look at any expectations you may have. Those are egoic activities. See if you can move into the understanding of change and no change. This is beyond duality..

    Peace with Love,


    • Dreamfable says:

      Hi Micheal,

      I believe and feel that there is something inside of us that is pure.
      Something essential that does not change.

      And yes.. I have expectations.. plans and hopes for the future.. But I am not attached to them.. Have seen enough of the reality of life to know how it is.


  13. Abitiki says:

    Johanna, yes, compassion also seems to arise naturally and spontaneously, from the level where we’re all connected.

    Michael, you’ve hit on the difference between truth and an ideal.

    Raoef, for a while I found I had to let go of all the news feeds I’d subscribed to (for a job I had), because it became too much for my nervous system at the time.

    Lately I’m okay with it again, but also follow positive news media, so that my perspective doesn’t become skewed by the mainstream ‘negative news’ media.
    (I find that regularly lifting up my heart is good exercise) : – )

  14. johanna11 says:

    Hello Abitiki,
    What are the positive news media? It sounds like a good idea to balance the approaches to what is happening in the world, and I’d love to know what your positive news media are!

  15. Michaela says:

    “Take responsibility of your state of consciousness Now”

    To take responsibility there needs to be an awakening and be conscious of action and reaction. You need to embody the change, it is not what you do, it is who you are. Who you are is your state of consciousness, whatever you do flows out of that.

    The change is the transformed state of consciousness, that is your state of responsibility. It is enough for you to take responsibility. ”
    (Quotes from Eckhart Tolle’s talk posted by Abitiki)

    Thank you all for your comments. We will continue the enquiry. In the Now

    You need to be the change. You need to embody that.

  16. Dreamfable says:

    I like to search on the internet on some religious topics. what I notice for some time now, is that in the results of my searches there are more and more websites with very hateful texts against other (the people of) religions.

    People who follow the (bad) news might also recognize that there is more and more hatred between peoples of the three Abrahamic religions. In some countries we see massive murdering of people only because of the fact that they follow an other religion. But even in my own, so-called civilized, country there is a political party that focuses mainly on attacking people of one single religion. When we talk about change I have to say that this is a change that worries and saddens me.

    In the past I found myself regularly in frustrating discussions. And I found that these frustrations were a perfect fuel for blaming everyone.

    Although it is still a little bit of a pitfall for me, I am slowly realizing a few things. Firstly that I am not responsible for the believes and actions of other people. Secondly that I am very and very limited in my ability to change the believes and actions of other people. And thirdly that I only need to take responsibility for my own conscious. Being conscious about where I want to put my attention.



  17. abitiki says:

    Hi Johanna, there are quite a few sites, including Good News Network, Global Good News, happynews.com, optimistworld.com, and Good News Gazette (environmental).
    Or just use Google, and search ‘positive news’.

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