Ha, this is so embarrassing ! Just trying something out.  Let me know what you think about this…

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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9 Responses to Experiment

  1. Echo says:

    Oh, what can I say? So brave of you !! It looks like a lot of fun!

  2. arina says:

    (-: don’t be embarrassing..just Be..your message’s a lot of “satisfaction” (D L) (-: like everything you “do”,Michaela!:-)

  3. John Singing Lynx says:

    I loved the fresh and honest way you explore thinking. It is the way that flowers greet the sun and bees gather pollen, always with curiosity and gratitude. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Michaela
    Your joy is palpable

    kind regards


  5. lalaboheme says:

    Hi I really like this. It helps to see and sense the energetic form and to take word forms and humanize them. This is why I love watching ET and the QA’s.

    Just keep talking about the things you are passionate about and it would be great.

  6. johanna11 says:

    Thank you, Michaela, I appreciate your “coming out” even more than before, and am very interested to see how your “experiment” will develop. Wonderful to see you so open and brave.

  7. fatima says:

    Hello Michaela!
    I have watched this a few times just for the pleasure of it …seeing more of you and observing the effects. : ) It’s true that you speak as you write so that is really nice…perfectly spontaneous. I haven’t responded till now because I needed to …..? The material is so rich and sets my particular monkey mind leaping through the canopy. Have to let it wear itself out a bit.

    This is something new and, as usual on your part, wholehearted and courageous. Where to and what can develop?

    You know how the ego likes to glean information about the environment and particularly the people in it for its own purposes of entertainment, distraction and protection? I see it in myself and others most clearly in this ‘posting’ format (my experience is pretty much limited to the ET Forums) where in a moment it becomes abundantly clear that I am talking to myself and seeing myself in some form or another.

    This data collection is very automatic and for some of us, completely unconscious. Ego ‘uses’ this information for its own purposes …it identifies friends and enemies, looks for synchronicity, antipathies, sympathies, compares and contrasts, evaluates and generally protects itself. Not necessarily a bad thing. It happens.

    So when Ekhart says..”I see mind etc..” it really is just so. In that sense straight posting is a trimmer format….less distractions…and really less food for ego, useful if one is interested in seeing the different vibrations of the mind expressing ….ego or being or a working combination of the two and examining ones own. Also good for fun too, laughing at it all and engendering surprising feelings of love and affection that one might not be able to access in face to face encounters.

    How does a video post differ from others? I ask myself. It is still not the same as a physical meeting, for example anyone who has gone to a taping or talk by Eckhart or any teacher is well aware of the qualitative difference…the video versus in person. I would think everyone is aware of that anyway because I am. On the other hand, when I Skype my far flung family it is so superior to the telephone, like a visit, satisfying and reassuring I have to admit. hmmm.

    Remember when you used to start a lot of threads from silly to profound trying to tease out…. or rather bring to light unacknowledged assumptions, concepts, opinions ….whatever….open things up…for yourself primarily I am sure? What if in some cases this video format for bringing up a subject/thread was brought into the forums? It surely would change the conversation if some people chose to do that but I am not sure how exactly?

    Well I don’t know how it will evolve in you but if you would like to respond to my comments in spontaneous video instead of writing I would love it. 🙂

    Most affectionately,
    ps Raining for the last few hours. They say a hurricane is coming but till now it has been almost unnaturally still. Quite a surprise to suddenly hear a powerful and long roll of thunder but no lightening that I saw. Chances are power will go if it is so. Rain just stepped up…interesting.

    • Michaela says:

      🙂 and so I did respond in the way you have asked for…
      Thank you for your deliberations, Fatima. How would you feel about an original contribution from…Fatima ? (choose your medium..haha)

  8. fatima says:

    ….and here I was thinking all my contributions were original. lol Going to watch to your latest installment and then take care of business.

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