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When you see a lofty mountain

When you see a lofty mountain Be reminded of the inner view: The view is the teacher’s mind, Inseperable from the nature of your own. When you see a lovely forest, Be reminded of experiences and realization: Have no hopes … Continue reading

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What is the nature of mind ?

Listening to Orpheus (9) This is a beautifully made documentary  about the life and teaching of H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche – a true Vajrayana master, teacher, writer and poet. In my quest listening to Orpheus, I came across his life … Continue reading

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The savage teacher

With thanks to Glerikud for finding Truth in animation ;-). Enjoy

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Do you know the saying: When you are ready the teacher will appear”? That has been certainly true in my case. I met my first spiritual teacher at a time I decided to quit a job I felt I could … Continue reading

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Awareness and Equanimity

My Vipassana Experience by Hiro (Unsui) 1o days of awareness and equanimity with Swami S N Goenka I came back home 2 days ago from the 10 day course of Goenka’s Vipassana Meditation Retreat and I have been reflecting on … Continue reading

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Teachers along the path

Remembering significant people and events Teachers along the path by Randy O Did you have a teacher is a very interesting and cool question to begin the opening moments of this writing endeavor. My first ten years of life is … Continue reading

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