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Beyond the surface I

A meditation with Eckhart Tolle

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Do you pay regular visits to yourself? Don’t argue or answer rationally. Let us die, and dying, reply. ≈Rumi Reconnecting with the body ( Eckhart Tolle)

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The Backward Step

Tara Bach:  Living from Presence : How to relax into awareness Source: http://www.tarabach.com

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Single point mind

Over the weekend I went to a seminar on the subject of “one point mind meditation”. Even tough this is a beginner’s technique, it is humbling to follow the instructions accurately and see how difficult it actually is, doing it … Continue reading

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Awareness and Equanimity

My Vipassana Experience by Hiro (Unsui) 1o days of awareness and equanimity with Swami S N Goenka I came back home 2 days ago from the 10 day course of Goenka’s Vipassana Meditation Retreat and I have been reflecting on … Continue reading

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A mass for the spirit

A prayer coming out of absolute of stillness The ‘Missa solemnis’ is considered to be one of Beethoven’s most profound creations. Composed only a few years before his death, approximately around the time of the 9th symphony, Beethoven himself considered … Continue reading

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