Teachers along the path

A narrow road

Remembering significant people and events

Teachers along the path
by Randy O

Did you have a teacher is a very interesting and cool question to begin the opening moments of this writing endeavor.

My first ten years of life is mostly a blur, filled with confusion and interesting love.  My father died at the young age of twenty-one, I was one.   This started a journey of listening and observing.   After a very abusive marriage our Mother let my brother and I go to live with our Great Aunts and Uncles (move from California to Mississippi, culture shook doesn’t begin to provide the right context).  This went from a summer visit to permanent, but what a blessing to have such a strong family.

Along with this move came a devote, religious upbringing.  If the church doors were open you were to walk through them.  Now the cool thing about this was I enjoyed reading the bible and listening to the elders in the church (Assemblies of God, very far right Pentecostal (if that means anything to you).  My very first experience with awakening was when I was twelve, as best I can remember the age, at a church camp.  Every year we were shuttled off to church camp where we went through hours of teaching and prayer study.  During one of these prayer studies and with the help of several others I was filled with the “Holy Ghost”.  Now I had seen this occur many times in church, speaking in tongs and interpretations.  The funny thing is I recognized this at the time as a very internal look inside and deep meditation.  This unleashed a muttering of words, or just gibberish, that spewed out, but at that moment I knew it was from within and not an external force that came to “fill you”.  From then on I knew “God” was not an external power but an internal power that all life shared.  This started a direction of study of other religions and teachings, not sure of all the books I read or religions I studied but I took the stance that all religions that taught positive virtues, compassion and love at their core were good.  This turned me away from my church as it preached only through Jesus you could be saved and all other religions just meant they were going to hell.  That was such a foreign concept after that early experience.

There were many brief encounters with the supernatural and awakenings (or maybe I’m really talking about being present with life) during the next ten years but most if not all were in the shadow of alcohol and drugs.  Then the ego took over as I “knew” the meaning of life and I was going to take it by the throat and live it to the fullest.  This extreme ego, and interesting enough also filled with love of everyone and everything, allowed me to become very successful in the business world of corporate structure.  I always saw work as a game, as long as I knew the rules I would play it better than most (as the ego let me believe;-).  In the second half of the 90’s I started being pulled to volunteering in the community, from getting involved in building to setting on the Board of one of the charities.

In the past ten years I was turned on to David Hawkins by my cousin, after reading Power vs. Force many thoughts started to fall into place or be completely erased.  My wife and I made another big move, one of many in our lives, back to the home area to take on some family commitments.  Once back in this part of the states, deep south, I started to get involved in mentoring troubled youth in one on one settings as well as creating a course to teach these special kids how to focus on sustaining a job and being aware of their worth as part of this beautiful creation.  Right around this same time my wife introduced me to the Power of Now after seeing it on Oprah.  This more than any other teaching helped me to slow down and be present.  My coolest awakening (or present with life) moment came the summer of reading ET’s book while being present and walking trough nature.  I love talking to the trees and all the creatures around, during one of these times I was surrounded by a flock of ducks, not wanting anything but just to walk with me, it felt so real.  Other books that influence my meditation were around the teachings of Falun Gong, Buddha Fa, what a beautiful religion/teaching of Zhen-Shan-Ren.

So did I have a teacher; I would say yes and it started with the church and progresses with being present with life.  Love and compassion is what I believe life is all about.   To be awake, to me, is to understand that we are all a part of Being, of God, of Joy, of Love.


About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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9 Responses to Teachers along the path

  1. Sheila says:

    So nice to read your story, Randi. I find I’m curious about how the men on ettv have come to Awakening (seeing their ego)……………….in my experience (and in general I believe) it seems testosterone can be a real friend of their ego…haha. Don’t get me wrong, I do love these differences between men and women, but as I see my aging dad being sooooo macho (stubborn) and my husband say some things that would make a stranger cringe (‘sound’ very prejudice), I wonder ‘what’ is out there for them that would resonate enough to begin to question. Just wondering…………………….and then I return to my own awakening challenges. 🙂

  2. Sheila says:

    Why not? 🙂

    • Randy says:

      Glad I popped back in, not sure if you’ll see this now, but I like the idea.
      We just need a date (we have the time and place 🙂

  3. fatima says:

    Randy O! I am always impressed and touched when people can tell their life stories simply and clearly and….considering the subject……briefly.

    I know the Assembly of God Pentacostals! It is the one church I ever really attended. My parents sent us there for a couple of years – maybe only one? but every Sunday. I really don’t know why, they certainly weren’t religious. I was a very clever and rebellious preteen so I focused on “How could all those animals fit into an ark? Did he take insects too?” That kind of thing. The preaching was completely lost on me but I always liked the bible stories, parables and allegories that we heard in Sunday School.

    I can relate to your spiritual experience too though I have never had one like it. I don’t know how to explain that but …..whatever. But, even at that age 10 to 12, I knew for sure that God, who ever he was, was not who they said he was. In third grade, for example, I just knew that the teacher was wrong, the Eskimos weren’t godless, all going to hell for generations until the missionarys found them. No way. Impossible. It was an intellect/reason thing as I remember it; I had no religious framework for my life experiences (probably a plus side to that) except for the book of Illustrated Bible Stories that I made my mother buy from a door to door salesman when I was 6. She read them all to us she says. I don’t remember and at that age I wasn’t a conceptual thinker. Was I? I don’t know.

    So many different lives and all lead to the same spiritual place…within.

    Thank you.

    • Randy says:

      Fatima, that’s cool that someone else that may have read this experience actually went to the AOG church. It is a deep-seated church in their own little belief system that is focused on their stance and direction, which can be said by most religions. The one thing that I did noticed while I was in this church was the dedication most of the practitioners had in their teaching. God was damn strict, don’t smoke or drink because you would go to hell, and when I was young that damn rock and roll was Satan’s music that came from Africa. And they are one of the Christian religions that you could loose your degree of being saved. (many state once saved always saved ). I’m just F’ed! ***smile*** Anyone can come full circle in life and I’m sure glad life gave me the understanding of simplicity!

      I must admit though, the really true believers of any religion, at the core understand the Truth. And once those people, if you get to know them, will actually set down and explain what they think they understand (in that manner). The experience I talked about was surreal, and because it was several years of indoctrination, which I never got, I actually understood what they were trying to introduce. I actually believed that that scene would never happen to me and when it did, it was an eye opener, and I’ve never looked back (thank god).

      However, the overall life inside all of us will find a way to express itself and as long as we go along we’re in for a very cool ride!

      Love alway…….

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