Just a little sharing

My father past away when I was young and after moving from a big city to the country I felt lost. In this context my path crossed the path of a few special persons. In beginning teachers of an Indonesian fighting art but more and more they became my spiritual guides as well. They taught me about the spirit world. About energy being everywhere. They taught me more then I can even start to tell. Some things I do not remember clearly but they always said that I would remember their teachings when I needed them.

I remember an evening when I was practicing with the wife of my teacher. I do not know how people call this exercise but it had to do with sensitivity. We would make contact with each other, empty our minds and after a short while images would come in. In the beginning I would try to capture these images but then they would always fade. After some practice you learn how to stay empty, doing nothing. The images contain information for the other person.

Some of these images are still true for me. They taught me to use the forests. There is a relaxing, strengthening and curing energy. Trees can help you to keep your feet on the ground. I do not know the English term. A translation of the Dutch term would be “grounding”. It’s like having roots in the ground. They also taught me about my chaos side. Whirling clouds moving fast in the sky. Full of rage and energy.

Both of these forces move trough me like ying and yang.

I miss the evenings with my teachers. They live far away now. Although I learned enough to find my own way through life I still feel like they are looking out for me from a distance.

Painting by Karl bang

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7 Responses to Just a little sharing

  1. Michaela says:

    This is very beautiful, Raoef. Thank you for sharing. I know what you mean, missing your teacher. But you are a teacher now yourself.

    I wonder if you think it was possible to give a more detailed description of the practice? Basically it is “one in the presence of the other” which is balancing the energies and healing.

    Just an idea…

  2. Dreamfable says:

    It was maybe 20 years ago. “one in the presence of the other” might be a good description. I remember being able to feel the pain (of the body) of the other person.
    Basics are the same as usual. Empty yourself… ask for guidance… open yourself… you become transparent in a way…

    To make contact you can lay your hands on the other person but I believe that after a while you do not need that anymore.

    Although my teachers would try to explain things when possible some things just can not be learned with words. It more like feeling. At least… For me it worked that way. The feelings become images and images become words. 🙂 So you can imagine that it takes some creativity to “explain” it all in a way that the person gets “the picture”, the essence, as well.

    But I do not know much about this knowledge. I just do. Or more correct did. Some years later I got a little bit in trouble. Being to open, sensing to much, was not able to close myself enough. Drove me crazy. Meditations went to deep. More like trance. Could not come back without help. It frightened me.

    A healer helped me to close. Must have done a good job because I never had these experiences anymore. But maybe it could that my own fear is keeping me away as well. I don’t now.

  3. Michaela says:

    Thank you …indeed, sensing the exchange between people is astounding.

  4. Dreamfable says:

    Never looked at it that way. It’s just about feeling and checking. (with the other person)
    Nothing special. Come to think of it, I only had these experiences with people that I know and trust. Maybe it is a two way thing. As you said; An exchange.

  5. Abitiki says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have done some similar work? play? with a group, where we learned to ‘feel into’ each other…then found we could ‘feel into’ someone else we had never met, who was close to the person we worked with…

  6. Dreamfable says:

    You mean; Tuning in to a person through an other person. Indirect ?
    I have no experience with this. I can imagine that it is possible although it would that more time to recognize were it comes from.

    With one person I have to check regularly what is from me and what is belongs to the other person. Now there is an extra layer to recognize and for a large part you will be depending on the person who is sitting in between.

    Salem Raoef

  7. abitiki says:

    Ah, hard to describe…at the time, I didn’t have any belief about layers, so they simply weren’t there…I had no idea where it came from, the person I was with would tell me, after I was able to describe the other person physically, having never ‘seen’ them.
    This was by way of discovering medical intuition, but the group ended, and so did the work.

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