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Mental Health

Dr. Daniel Siegel on how he mind uses the brain to create itself

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Recently I read a study estimating the prevalence of mental disorders in the European population about 38%. Anxiety and panic disorders took the larges share with about 14% , followed by depression. This is about 60 Mio people in fear … Continue reading

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Radical acceptance

By BENEDICT CAREY  Are you one of us? The patient wanted to know, and her therapist — Marsha M. Linehan of the University of Washington, creator of a treatment used worldwide for severely suicidal people — had a ready answer. It was … Continue reading

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God knows where I am

A griping article about a patient who rejects her diagnosis, refused all psychiatric medication and drifted to the edge of society. God Knows where I am

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On Mood

Maggie in a recent comment gave me the idea to write about mood and I am quite happy to reflect on the subject. I am not an expert, but I know a little bit about the impact of stress on … Continue reading

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    by Paul Perhaps we “store” old memories because we think that if we hold on to them, we can “fix” whatever it is that is wrong about them. We hold opinions of others and situations, as if these … Continue reading

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