Mental Health

Dr. Daniel Siegel on how he mind uses the brain to create itself

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2 Responses to Mental Health

  1. Fatima says:

    This was my favorite of this series. I think because he created such a full picture of the human organism, making, to my mind, a perfect case for a place on earth for science (‘knowlege about the world we live in including our selves) while omitting entirely Consciousness itself and the transcendent dimension, which is unquantifiable …the stuff of spiritual teachings. They all omitted that section which makes me, my organism, feel comfortable and open to what they have to say.. (well, there is Dr. Deutsch : ) )

    I also liked it so much because he so beautifully included all the parts of the human mind/brain, demonstrating how it pervades and affects the whole human form, what it is and what it does, and acknowledges that that form includes the ego as we know it …little me.

    His explanations filled out a picture of why modern teachers focus so much, last hundred years or so, on bringing the human attention/conscious awareness back into the body, here, now…..(then it may become a habit but that would be a good habit because it redresses the unbalance – form vs being) which, according to some was the more naturally a balanced state of the human plus being…when we as a whole were closer to nature.

    The others, with, I have to say, the exception of Dr. Deutsch, focused on the main Brain which in modern times, much more then a couple of hundred years ….maybe closer to 2000, has been steadily taking precedence in individual lives i.e. the root cause of the egoic driven world we find our selves living in.

    Highlights the question…Is there a difference between the ego/mind and the egoic mind in humans? and ……..I leave Buddha and Christ states of pure Being inhabited forms out of the equation. Forget about them. Eckhart seems to say there is.

  2. arina says:

    thank you so much,helped me to understand a mindbrain relations issues..great(-:

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