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To mix death into everything seen

Is he someone who dwells in this single world? No: both realms are the source of his earthly power. He alone who has known the roots of the willow can bend the willow-branch into a lyre. Overnight leave no bread … Continue reading

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The descent of Orpheus

Listening to Orpheus (16) Inspired by Monteverdi’s opera, L’Orféo and a personal interpretation of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice this performance on film is an exploration of the ephemeral nature of life and universal human fears, such as … Continue reading

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Primordial Void

Listening to Orpheus (15) Adyashanti on the challenge to discover the primordial void. As Orpheus followed Eurydice into the underworld, we follow our longing to dissolve into nothingness. Adyashanti Talk ” Rooted in the Primordial” (1:47 hr)

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God, what darkness…

Listening to Orpheus (14) Fidelio is Beethoven’s only opera. He struggled with it and called it “the martyr’s crown”. It is the reverse story of Orpheus. Florestan is imprisoned and his wife Leonore follows him to save him. In his … Continue reading

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Because he looked back

Listening to Orpheus (13) Philip Pullman on the myth of Orpheus. “The power resides in the events, not in the telling”

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He has to vanish

Sonnets to Orpheus I/5 Erect no gravestone for him . Only this: let the rose blossom each year for his sake. For it is the god.  His metamorphosis in this and that. We do not need to look for other … Continue reading

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This silent moment

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Difficult is closer to the truth

Listening to Orpheus (12) What is a man required to give up to become eligible to dare the descent into the underworld and reemerge with something really new, radically different and groundbreaking ? This is a full length movie exploring the … Continue reading

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Fearing – the song

Fearing is Track 3 on The Amygdaloids‘ Theory of My Mind CD on the Knock Out Noise label.

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The capacity to discover

Gangaji on difficult decisions, death and surrender. Life is a teaching story…  “Awakening is endless” – A conversation between Tami Simon and Gangaji

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