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A perfect moment

A PERFECT MOMENT By Justme  Once upon a distant sharpened night When the air was keen and an icy breeze held no fight A transcendent moon throbbed it’s hazy gleam As a murmuring trickle, foretold of a gentle hidden stream. … Continue reading

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Orpheus with his lute

“Orpheus with his lute” Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872 – 1952) Orpheus with his lute made trees, And the mountain tops that freeze, Bow themselves, when he did sing: To his music plants and flowers Ever sprung; as sun and showers … Continue reading

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And here is another interesting article about the truth of weight loss: Diet’s don’t work (long-term). What the article does not say is that it is not so so much what you eat, but what you think. It’s not the body that … Continue reading

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Yoga – at your own risk

There is an interesting article in today’s NYTimes about the often unwanted side effects of yoga – like trauma and injury. Apart from that, I have often encountered symptoms of energetic imbalances and fluctuation in people with a yoga routine. … Continue reading

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