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Sharing the rediscovery of wonder

A very inspiring talk from Janet Echelman on taking imagination seriously

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The American Dream

From a life in middle class to a life in the drain. So can we do something about it ? Yes we can. But its up to us – not to them or Obama. Each and everyone of us has … Continue reading

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Music. A multi-dimensional contemplation Enjoy !

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The world must follow the church

Satire reveals what lies beneath. From prayer to opulence.  From serving god to the worship of the golden calf. Human need, human wants. From humility to hubris. The Catholic Church Fashion Show from Federico Fellini’s Roma

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Knowledge, Wisdom and Creativity

Eckhart Tolle @ Google Talks:   “Living with Meaning, Purpose and Wisdom in the Digital Age.”

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Why everything is connected to everything else…

Rockstar physicist Brian Cox uses quantum mechanics to illustrate one of the deepest truths of existence.

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Originally posted on creatingreciprocity:
a murmuration of starlings At the heart of the universe is a steady, insistent beat: the sound of cycles in sync. It pervades nature at every scale from the nucleus to the cosmos…thousands of fireflies congregate…

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Originally posted on Just Poems:
Within the rush of life, in the corner of your mind, your eye – you sense the moon, the stars. Those mysterious flickers you ignore because your busy. Yet within the thought is your habit,…

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The poet speaks an universal language

The poet speaks an universal languagePoetry is greater than history We have become shameless in a response to being so ashamed about our tendency to deny truth. And if the poet speaks, he impacts the truth because he speaks from … Continue reading

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The pressure of God’s infinite

Listening to Orpheus (19) Words are meant to speak the truth. That is what words are for. And this is what the poet does – he speaks the truth. Hamza Yussuf on “What happened to poetry ?” (3/5)

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