On the sofa with Randy O

A Japanese Garden

An exchange between Randy and Michaela

M: Hi Randy, good morning. How are you ?

R: Judy and I just finished our morning yoga, now she’s off to walk with Lucy (dog).

M: Perfect. What kind of yoga are you practicing ?

R: Very basic, just the sun salutations, we follow Rodney Yee’s yoga teachings, not a special yoga at all, just a good stretch that focus on the inner core.

M: Oh, I see. Anyway, it is lovely to “connect” with you after so many months dialoguing on the forum. Is there anything in particular you would like us to talk about ?

R: II wish there were, but I’m open to anything.  Of course my favorite subject is Life, and how it moves around in this form.

M: Oh – that’s perfect. It is funny – for the last year or so I have not done much other but observing Life and how it plays out – within and outside my form. Its amazing, but I did not notice so much before. This whole organism – what a wonderful precision instrument. Do you know what i mean ?

R: Funny you called it an organism.  I like that phrase.  Let’s define organism before we move to far past.  Are we discussing just the body organism or life in general and how it is all connected at the root level?

M: Organism in my definition is a “living system” – so yes, that would be connected to the whole and is constantly being influenced by the environment – and influencing it’s surrounding at the same time. A constant exchange.

R: Then we’re on the same page.  The funny thing is that the definition of life as we are about to discuss is also what I see is becoming awaken.  Meaning that you begin to realize that everything is connected by the life force around us and that we are not individuals but a part of the whole.  And you hit it on the head, life does not stay local it moves in and out of us.

M:  I was just thinking about the origin of the word “ organism”. It is Greek and I believe it means something like “ instrument or tool”. This is not exactly the definition I think we are normally using – much rather we think about an assembly of molecules working together. Anyway…it appears that our form is an “organism” within a greater “organism” and it is constantly flowing and changing. This is something I only “felt” recently – and it changed my attitude towards outer phenomena, so let us say what is happening in my world during the day. Do you know what I mean ?

R:  It’s funny that the actual definition of “organism” refers to it having properties of life, thus the scientific community still use the word life but do not reflect on life as being the larger organism.  Just a thought or comment.

Yes, agree.  If you start to understand that life within all is actually passed between all then you really start to respect life in everything instead of believing that this is “my” life and I love it.  You start seeing that this is life in this current form of creation and it’s beautiful in all it’s glories and all it’s so called imperfections.

M: Yes, I can see that. And what is does is to start to  give “space” to all. There is not such a thing like imperfection, or misfortune or tragedy – as much as there are not such things as luck or favourable coincidences. Those are just things that happen within the total system – or organism – and it is becoming so apparent that I do not have control over any of it. The end of “worrying”, if you want to call it like that. So it is really recognising that none of it is “mine”, isn’t it ? The moment I think something is mine, I make it personal and this is  when attachment happens. I have become much more cognoscent about what I call “mine”. How about yourself ?

R: I do believe there are two sides to everything.  In the way that you just described it I do agree that in the big picture of life there is no right or wrong, there is no tragedy or success as it all rolls into learning and creation.  However, since we are in forms that move through this creation then a form can have a tragedy or success that supports the current forms, lack of a better word, prosperity.

We were given this beautiful form as part of this way cool creation and period that we should not throw it away and say it doesn’t matter because in the end we are just all a part of the whole.  Even though that is, in the end, correct, but the journey counts for something or we wouldn’t be having it.  Right?

M: Yes, absolutely. I do think everyone has their part to play and there are so many “objectives” we have to fulfill in a life. So many people we meet and interact with or any kind of creation we are called to manifest. Each and every single step, each and every little thought counts for something and affects the whole. I think we are not sufficiently aware of this – what our purpose is and how we are supposed to live our lives – as opposed to “think” we are supposed to live our lifes. 🙂 The old dilemma….So yes, each second counts and any intention we form affects the whole. What a thought…

R:  You just broke into the reason religions were created.  But at the core of each religion, the one true teaching that is consistent with all is the overall teaching of good and strong virtues.  I don’t know if every thought or every second counts, that would mean I’ve waisted a lot of time and stuff ***smile***, but I do believe that overall purpose in life is that we care for each other in a very compassionate and loving way.  I believe the core of life is love and compassion.  When we move away from that core is when we move towards ego and the “I” syndrome.

However, back to what I said earlier about we do have these current forms and I do believe that we can be just silly and thus waist some time and effort.  But should be a form of fun and enjoyment which overall leads us back to good solid virtues.

M: Yes, but it only becomes relevant – or you can say alive – if you start to sense the Truth of it. The basis understanding really is that all is One. As long as I do not have a real sense of that – and even if it is for a second – I will not understand the laws of the universe. Religious or any other teachings may feel “dead” at this point in time, because I can subscribe to a concept, or belief, that all is One, but only if I feel the connection, i will understand. Maybe we can even compare it a little to what we are doing here, our exchange flows very smoothly now – it took a little time in the beginning to “synchronise”, but now I have a sense where you are coming from and we are connecting for the purpose of this dialogue. It is a flowing, moving process – not just a static question and answer system.

So once I truly understand – by sensing and feeling it – that I am connected to others, I will be encouraged to try this out even more and I will understand, the more open and receptive I am, the more open and receptive the other will be. This is the “dance of life” – never boring, always new and exciting and stimulating each and every second. Love and compassion just are there spontaneously.

R: The “dance of life”, a good quote.  As I stated above, this realization that life is of one source as it is equal and the same in everything is in my definition/understand of the teachings of many when they speak/use the word: awake or awaken.  Once one allows this knowledge moves to the front of all decisions or conversations or touch or smell or seeing then once these actions are performed you don’t only use these senses you feel what you are doing.  I believe, for me, that is what you mean by you are never bored again, it’s just to amazing and the feelings are just too cool.  This is the reason I love to just get out and people watch, nature watch or just hug my dog.  I don’t feel I have a purpose, or a reason to do so, it is just a joy to do it and to be there.  My wife hates me, not really, because I love airports.  A long layover is just excellent.  You get to watch people and and smile at everyone, and it’s interesting how many smile back or how many conversations you may get into.  There’s not a person I wouldn’t talk to or smile at, so it’s fun for me, but for some it seems to be intrusive or scared.  They just need to wake up and enjoy the wonders of everyone and everything as we will only notice what we notice in this current form.

M: Yes, this is also my experience. To just walk around and “connect” to people – really understand what it is all about for them. I am no longer flying that much – but I am riding the subway a lot. This is where I have all those encounters. After a while you can really sense the nature of “openness” in the other – and this  happens of course silently. In general I find people very receptive to this approach, but at times, you are right, I sense resistance. The thing is, connecting to someone is not a one-way experience. It does something in them, as it does something i me. This can even be quite intense, even without speaking or interacting. Its really good for “practice”. But what are your experiences in your immediate environment – work, or family ?

R: What I’ve started to do in the past decade is to get involved in the community and volunteering.  When you give of yourself then you find quickly that the people or things around your give back their joy and love. This is part of that life moving in/out and through all of us.

Currently I mentor troubled youth.  Some of these kids have been through rough times, can be from physical or sexual abuse to drugs and alcohol.  This leads to mental issues concerning how to connect to people.  This is where all of us as mentors can help, and this is all of us.  We need to help these kids understand that what they’ve just been through is not what can be expected but was something that happened that is in the past.  I do sometimes speak of life, god and presence but mostly just show love through actions and caring.  No matter what kind of day I’ve had at work, once I’ve been with these kids for a hour or so and come home I’m just about as happy as I can be.  They show so much love back it’s unbelievable.  What a cool part of life to share your love with someone you didn’t even know just a minute ago, but there they are just waiting for someone to find them and to help them through this journey.

M: It really sounds like this kind of work – mentoring, caring, sharing your love – is what you are drawn to do. I am sure this is not always easy, as on one hand you have these hurting and, I am sure, even sometimes even damaged human beings, hungry for affection and attention. And on the other hand there is the even bigger purpose of helping them not to forget, but to detach from their experiences. This is an immense responsibility. How do you go about it ? Do you talk to them, or are you teaching them the principles of being in presence ?

R: It’s easy for me, as I went through the same things most of them have gone through.  And I was lucky that I had a strong family, other than my mom or dad, to help me (mentor) through those situations.  So for me listening to their stories or just trying to pick the words comes pretty naturally.  When I do have a kid for a length of time I will discuss life and presence, and have had that opportunity several times.  I also teach a class where I have many of these kids at a time, and one of my first things I teach is a breathing meditation practice.  ***smile***  I even teach it to the staff and counselors in the non-profit I work with.  If we can just slow people down a minute life will catch them and it will make them feel wonderful at any and all levels.  Once day I will make this my career, meaning my current career will be in the past and my new career will be taking my current hobby and jumping in with both feet.

M:  Oh, I think I know what you mean. Mentoring others has been a lifelong passion – until I made it a profession. What I notice though is that often times the client-mentor relationship is becoming a teacher-taught connection. By that i mean they tech me, as I teach them. Both are giving and receiving at the same time. This is what makes it so rewarding and I have realised the more I level with the, – which basically means to just sit there completely open and wait for the session to unfold according to the need – so the more I level, the more effective it gets. But it is definitely a two-way street. It required that I no longer operate from a position of “knowing” or following a prescribed path. I am “free-styling” ***smile***.

We certainly should continue talking about this, maybe another session. What do you think ? Maybe let’s wrap up now – I have a sense I am keeping you. But this has been great. Really good experience on my side.

R: Every teacher is a student, etc.. 🙂  Yes, your sense is correct.  My wife took an hour long walk and not getting out of the shower and then we need to drive a hundred miles to visit her mother and my grand-mother and great-aunt.  Have to kill some weeds today, they hate weeds (those poor little weeds never did anything to them :-).  Will chat with you anytime!

You take care and have a wonderful night.


M:   Thank you Randy. happy weekend and once again thank you for your time and wonderful comments. Let’s continue this discussion very soon….bye.

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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