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On the sofa with Randy & Sheila

Conversation between Randy O, Sheila, Angelika and Michaela Theme: Do men and women face different challenges on the journey of awakening ? M: Good morning, good midday, good afternoon, everyone. This is the first time we try a 3-way conversation. … Continue reading

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Holy Anger

And one day I saw how we are all connected and working together. For a while I have been able to clearly differentiate when someone spoke or acted from higher consciousness as opposed to their reactive patterns of the conditioned … Continue reading

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A song of suffering

At the same time Beethoven was at the pinnacle of his creative powers, despite his deafness and failing health, another composer faced disease, poverty and death in the imperial city of Vienna: Franz Schubert (b 1797 d 1828) 1823 was … Continue reading

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Our charming little ways…

Letting go is a process. Letting go means to become aware of the way we are used to do things and decide to do it differently. Letting go does not mean to just stop doing something – it means a … Continue reading

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