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Friends on the Path – Searching

Friends on the path meet across continents and time zones for a shared enquiry. This week’s topic is all about the ubiquitous habit of “searching”. We all know there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, attain, achieve or … Continue reading

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The Small Print

Did I really sign up for all that ? I love Adyashanti’s clarity in terms of explaining what enlightenment really is about. The part of losing the center is confusingly awesome and as far as I am concerned, I much … Continue reading

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Full Moon

Above the tower — a lone, twice sized moon. On the cold river passing night filled homes, It scatters restless gold across the waves. On mats, it shines richer than silken gauze. Empty peaks, silence: among sparse stars, Not yet … Continue reading

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Patterns in the energy of awakening

The title of a recent thread on the Eckhart Tolle forum site invoked the concept of implosion as it related to the activity of members of the forum. That concept of implosion inspired a recognition and examination of subtle energetic … Continue reading

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I am living it !

Real life examples of living Truth. “I had a huge underlying fear that woke me up at night…..and now as the layers unfold in my daily life situation, I am being forced and/or driven to face every fear that comes … Continue reading

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The rat king

The more open I become, the more surprises I get. There is so much “emotional garbage” in this body, who would have thought! It is very much like cleaning out a basement – behind all the clutter you find even … Continue reading

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