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Friends on the Path – Searching

Friends on the path meet across continents and time zones for a shared enquiry. This week’s topic is all about the ubiquitous habit of “searching”. We all know there is nowhere to go and nothing to do, attain, achieve or … Continue reading

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Connecting to the Source

“Connecting to the Source” is the central spiritual practice in order to align oneself with the higher self and the greater power of the universe. For some this comes natural, others need some time to experience the flow of life. … Continue reading

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On the sofa with Martina (cloudform)

A conversation between Martina and Michaela M: Hi Martina. How are you ? Martina: Hi Michaela ~ I’m well thank you. Sorry I’m late, a neighbour called ! M: Never mind. Glad you could make it. Welcome to the sofa. … Continue reading

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