rhizome of choice

The shadows of rhizomes creep
Across the border of the self….
Influence on the reaching choices
Wrung from the presentable known.
This tableau of the creative tilting
Toward a balancing weight,
Of limb and root, of earth and sky,
A divine comedy taken in seriousness.
A descent into the heaven of hell
To rescue the doomed Orpheus.
It is our quest to save the beloved:
The choice

I feel, we feel, the deception lurking
At the borders of known shadow
And the envisioning light.
With the thaw comes the blossoms,
Beneath the melting covering veil of cold,
Growth monitored by cycles.
From where the sudden burst into life?
Right choice presents its burden….
To question the real, discern the shadow,
Search the light for the deceptively simple.
Truth follows the rhizome of choice.

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1 Response to rhizome of choice

  1. Michaela says:

    It’s very beautiful, Jerome. Thank you for posting !

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