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Old world or New Earth ?

Come on… A gleaming and empty lounge with Eames chairs ? Space, comfort and luxury ? Alluding to a transatlantic crossing experience that is nothing short of cruising on the QE3 ? Have you been flying lately ? Product marketing … Continue reading

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Afternoon Inspiration

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Befriending the Saboteur

Recently I have come to an understanding about an important archetype that is playing out in all of us: the Saboteur. Archetypes are energies that create specific patterns and determine attitudes, preferences and choices.  Seated outside the body, they are … Continue reading

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Saboteur in action

By Thomas L Friedman It is hard to read the news from Japan to the Persian Gulf and then reflect on American politics and not conclude, as scientists would say, that we’re running an uncontrolled experiment on the only country … Continue reading

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Keeping up appearances…

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Do you have free will ?

by John Tierney Suppose that Mark and Bill live in a deterministic universe. Everything that happens this morning — like Mark’s decision to wear a blue shirt, or Bill’s latest attempt to comb over his bald spot — is completely … Continue reading

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