Afternoon Inspiration

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  1. Pete says:

    I feel a strange bond to this little one.

    In Queensland Australia where I live these little lorikeets are quite common.
    They are busy eating nectar and fruits At dusk they gather together by the hundreds and the noise is deafening. Almost like a talk feast about their day! It’s beautiful! I can’t help but feel a breath of happiness when I see even one or two. Their colors are magnificent.

  2. fatima says:

    : ) I bet there are some people who get irritated at those noisy little critters.

  3. Johanna111 says:

    Love the rainbow lorikeets – just so beautiful. Very smart too! Several of them found a way into a bird net meant to protect our apples – we live on the outskirts of Sydney. They climb up one layer of net & where it overlaps with the next, they just get in underneath! My husband put up another net over the top – poor little birds, they probably think the apples are rightfully theirs! Anyway, they’re a joy to see. They visit our bird bath and bird seed (on the ground) along with the rosellas, big brown pigeons, bronze-wing pigeons, even wonga pigeons, as well as the little fire-tailed finches (in groups) and various others.

  4. Johanna111 says:

    Oh, and what a beautiful photo, Kapha, you must have got quite close!
    So I guess you live in Australia, too, and if I may ask, whereabouts?

  5. Catrin says:

    I took this picture at a café at Sydney Zoo when I was visiting my daughter who studies there since two years. I live in Sweden. Whenever I talk to her I can hear all the birds in the back ground and it sounds like she is living in a Zoo shop :). In Sweden we do not have birds with such marvelous colours.

  6. johanna11 says:

    Hi, Catrin,
    Sounds like you had a nice visit here! Yes, there’s a lovely variety of birds here, including some very colourful ones such as this fellow, the rainbow lorikeet. But we have never experienced the midnight sun! Or vast snowy landscapes… (well maybe a little bit of that, in the Snowy Mountains…) I hope your daughter is doing well here, and that you both had a lovely time together.

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