What are they talking about ?

A very strange evening among very strange more or less elderly ladies. Most of the time they discussed which seats in the theater are the most expensive ones and thus – naturally – the best ones. The rest of the evening they discussed whether the current fashion drink is aperol/champagne or aperol/white wine. „Last night I had dinner in the most fashionable restaurant in Vienna and they served aperol/champagne. This is more expensive then aperol/white wine and therefore is definitely better and more fashionable ….“ These discussions did not end. Ladies – there are things beyond money and fashionable restaurants. There are nuclear desasters for example. „So what – Japan is far away and the Japanese are not very handsome …..“.
“New economies will be created, maybe without money – imagine that” – this imagination resulted in 10 dumb faces.

I like the idea of a new earth !

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2 Responses to What are they talking about ?

  1. Brenda Rose says:

    LOL, I can just see their faces!

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