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Friends on the path – Healing

Friends on the path meet yet once again to enquire into the subject of healing. It is a vast field, with many different levels and implications. What is healing, beyond the method and expectation, what does it take for a … Continue reading

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Between fear & faith

On 5th chakra, addiction, disease and surrender Whether being on a spiritual journey on the brink of surrendering, healing an addiction or a disease – energetically it is all connected to the centre of will-power: the fifth chakra. While the … Continue reading

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Energy patterns of asthma and arthritis

More and more I am becoming aware of the various levels of our being and how everything is connected. This is also true for the development of symptoms and disease. From a holistic perspective, the origin of a disease cannot … Continue reading

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Teaching Rainbow Dance

by Martina I’ve been learning Tai Chi & Qigong for eight years now, so still a beginner in many ways.  Two years ago our teacher invited members of the class to become instructors. It was widely understood that part of our learning … Continue reading

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