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The feminine is waiting

The recent excitement about a youtube video posted by two men, pledging  alliance with the divine feminine, has made made reflect on the meaning of male and female energies in our life, and what it means in the process of … Continue reading

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Searching for the Grail

There is such rich symbolism in the myth of Parsifal. It beckons to enquire further into the subject. You will remember, Parsifal is a story of a “fool’s journey” – and it takes someone with the innocence of a humble … Continue reading

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Shame and Guilt

I am not a psychologist and know little about the theories of emotions. But I encounter them on a regular basis and I know what they can do to a person’s sense of self-esteem, confidence and ultimately health. This is … Continue reading

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Between fear & faith

On 5th chakra, addiction, disease and surrender Whether being on a spiritual journey on the brink of surrendering, healing an addiction or a disease – energetically it is all connected to the centre of will-power: the fifth chakra. While the … Continue reading

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