Between fear & faith

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On 5th chakra, addiction, disease and surrender

Whether being on a spiritual journey on the brink of surrendering, healing an addiction or a disease – energetically it is all connected to the centre of will-power: the fifth chakra.

While the 4th chakra is the bridge to the higher developed spiritual realm, the fifth chakra is the place to connect heart and mind. Located in the area of the throat, it influences the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, throat, and tongue. It is related to communication and choice and it’s color is blue.

Chakras are energy centres. They are hubs, connecting the physical with the subtle body and their function is an important indicator regarding the origin of disturbance and disease. On the physical plane they are directly related to the hormonal system and the central nervous system. Losing energy in the area of a certain chakra, may be an indication regarding the underlying issue. As the fifth chakra is related to choice – and judgement – it is involved in the development of all diseases and conditions.

I am working with people who are suffering the consequences of chronic stress. These may be physical symptoms, a disease or an addiction, but often it is a combination. I will try and demonstrate how this is related and point the possible approaches to rebalance the energies of the fifth chakra and heal addiction or disease. As I said, this is not different from the step of surrendering our will to a greater will.

The fifth chakra sits between the mind and the heart and if it is open, and working properly, we speak our truth freely and our inner and outer worlds are in harmony. But the fifth chakra is also connected to listening to our inner wisdom and make sense of it. This is the state of the surrendered will and the energy of the fifth chakra guides us toward this point.

The battle that takes place in the energy centre of the fifth chakra is one of fear versus faith. It is fear that keeps us making choices that are “reasonable”, based on “good judgement”, but not necessarily true to our inner wisdom. These choices may be influenced by expectations of  ourselves and the environment. This may include choices we do primarily to not upset a status quo – like remaining I a job that does no longer work for us, or a marriage or at an activity that does not serve us. Doing something that is motivated by a choice of the egoic mind and that is contra what we really would like to do, is creating a conflict. This inner conflict leads to emotions and resistance. Resistance leads to the activation of a stress reaction and drives the physical body into a state of having to use a lot more energy, because the system is in a state of resistance.

I think everyone knows the feeling of sensing a tightness in their throat, whenever we have to do something we do not ant to do. This is it – this is the physical sensation of a blockage in the area of the fifth chakra and it is an indication that we are in resistance.  This feeling indicates fear and it indicates that the connection between the heart and the mind is blocked.  It is the feeling of separation.

The reason we fear to give up what we want, or to surrender our own will, is having to give up physical comfort, as well as having to give up something we know – like our own identity. The reason this area is so closely connected to compulsion and addiction is that following the temptation of the addiction, prevents the sense of discomfort that separation generates. Addiction is distraction from the message of the fifth chakra – which is: You are in separation. You are not authentic. You are lying to yourself and you are not acting in our best interest. However, the mind will not allow us to go down that route, because the consequence may be, that we make choices that will change our lives. This is never a popular option with the ego, which prefers everything to stay the same.

The fifth chakra and the fear of surrender is also associated with faith, for it takes faith to let go of everything, give up everything that we believe make up our identity and say: “Not by my will but yours”.

Apart from addiction and the relation in the development of any disease, disturbances at the level of the fifth chakra are clearly associated with the epidemic of thyroid disease. The thyroid is a hormonal powerhouse, that regulate the rate of metabolism and affects the energy and function of most other organs of the body.  A failing thyroid is a sure sign of fear that fuels will-power. Someone working themselves into exhaustion, driven by a will to succeed, often has these kinds of problem.

The one thing to do, whenever the fifth chakra is under a lot of stress and strain, over-stimulated – or even under-stimulated – is to become aware of it’s signals. It may be a slight pressure in the throat, it may be the craving of the addict or it may be the suffering or pain of someone stricken by disease. The first thing to do is to become aware of the physical sensations that go along with choices – is the pathway between the mind and the heart open, or does it feel blocked. To recognise judgements and the effects of choices is a major step to heal. To just be with the sensation and to witness the growing fear, is the only thing to do to allow faith to come in and replace the iron will of holding on in a place that does not serve us.

The fifth chakra – the throat – is the battlefield of fear versus faith. Surrender allows faith to guide us and to move from fear based choices to the freedom of “Not my will but your’s”.

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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2 Responses to Between fear & faith

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. Just recently I have had an experience of deep conflict where letting go and surrendering my will — letting go to the emotions I was feeling and the associated thoughts and memories — helped me find God’s Grace. Perhaps I need to read more to understand the connection of articulating our truth, fear and letting go with the fifth chakra. Fascinating read nonetheless.

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