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The first book I ever read about spirituality was Chakras, Aura’s and Energies by Hetty Draaijer (1917). Although there is little to be found about her life, she seemed to have inspired many teachers in the field of meditation and … Continue reading

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Back there

Over the course of many years I have come to rely on the symbolic language of the body. The body does not lie and it usually gives a very accurate signal of what is really going on beyond physical symptoms … Continue reading

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Dora is teaching the Tao

This is a beautiful observation as told by my friend Jill. It made me think of verse 36 of the Tao-te-ching. Dora had her first training session last Friday with Penelope the dog whisperer.  It was an indepth evaluation so … Continue reading

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The last fairy tale

by Martina The other day I read : “Disney’s latest release Tangled, the modern take on the Rapunzel story, “will be the last fairy tale produced by Disney’s animation group for the foreseeable future,” according to the LA Times.” The end of … Continue reading

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I am absolutely fascinated by the epochal events unfolding around Wikileaks and the making public of ten of thousands of classified documents, as well as the reaction to it. To me it is not the “what”, but simply the “how”. … Continue reading

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The wisdom of Rumi

I can’t let you know all the secrets I can’t open to you all the doors there is something inside that makes me happy but I can’t put my finger on it’s source From: Rumi ” Dancing the Flame” Translated … Continue reading

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