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Don’t go back to sleep

  The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you Don’t go back to sleep You must ask for what you really want Don’t go back to sleep People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two … Continue reading

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My Cushion

One o’clock in the night. Turning and turning. Cannot sleep. Out of bed, to my cushion. Blanket around me. Sitting in the dark. I feel tensed. I smile at my painbody. “You like keeping awake don’t ya”, I ask. I … Continue reading

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The servant

I love this figure from “Harry Potter”. Dobby the house elf. What a nagger and what an affectionate  characterisation of the servant archetype. The story is beautiful. At first we see the little house-elf completely identified with his role as … Continue reading

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The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being. It is a state of connectedness with something … Continue reading

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