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Fascinating article on Julian Assange’s mission for total transparency ( Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks) No Secrets

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Teaching Rainbow Dance

by Martina I’ve been learning Tai Chi & Qigong for eight years now, so still a beginner in many ways.  Two years ago our teacher invited members of the class to become instructors. It was widely understood that part of our learning … Continue reading

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You wish …

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Some thoughts

by Raoef Yesterday, while I googled the internet, I stumbled upon the catholic priest, Father Barron. The clip is part of a video series from Wordonfire.org and Father Barron is commenting on subjects from modern day culture. In this clip … Continue reading

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Happiness means to leave everything as it is

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow (Hey Oh) Album Version Come to decide that the things that I tried Were in my life just to get high on When I sit alone come get a little known But I need … Continue reading

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Emotions and disease (2)

I often get asked about the relationship between emotions and disease. There is a lot of interest in the subject and many people intuitively know that there is a close relation between how they feel and their state of health. … Continue reading

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