Some thoughts

by Raoef

Yesterday, while I googled the internet, I stumbled upon the catholic priest, Father Barron. The clip is part of a video series from and Father Barron is commenting on subjects from modern day culture. In this clip he commends on the New Earth from Eckhart Tolle. Father Barron tells his audience that he can connect with the idea of self versus false self and the concept of painbody. However, as a catholic he cannot agree with the words that Eckhart Tolle uses when he speaks of Jesus and God.

Looking and listening at the clip there where two things that came in to my mind. At first the way that father Barron speaks. Although he speaks in a way that seems to be friendly and caring I also sense undertone of superiority. An undertone that might be just my imagination but never the less seems to tickle my painbody. The first reason that I feel a little annoyed is that I recognize it in myself. My first reaction to ET was that I didn’t hear anything new in ET’s words. The second reason that it tickled me is that I believe that in essence this feeling of superiority is very harmful. Many suffering is caused by people who believe that they are better or know better than the other.

The second thing that came to mind is his remark about Jesus and God. As a Muslim, of course, I have a different view of Jesus. When it comes to God, I like to say that I can connect with the words of father Barron. In mysticism they sometimes make a distinction between the mysticism of infinity and the mysticism of personality. In the mysticism of infinity God is conceived as the being beyond being. It cannot be described by any of the categories of finite thought.

(Picture of Earth)

In the mysticism of personality God is perceived as that of creature and Creator. The two types are rarely met with their purest forms however.

Father Barron is clearly revering to God as if He is a person. Someone who we have a relationship with. Someone we can talk too. I like to say that I can relate with that to some extent. It is probably easier to communicate with a God who is more personalized than a God who is beyond my imagination.

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1 Response to Some thoughts

  1. Johanna says:

    Thank you for sharing how you exprienced the talk of Father Barron (it could have been almost any Christian priest or preacher, couldn’t it?

    I pretty much agree with you about Christinity – I probably would have been a ‘Christian’ now if it hadn’t been for the dogma of the trinity and other things, such as the idea of the devil and eternal damnation.. But.. I love the teachings of Jesus, love the man Jesus (although what we really know of him is another question). . Sad that the teachings have largely been lost in the outward trappings… Oh, Yes, there has been another obstacle: A rich man asked Jesus how he could come to the Kingdom. Jesus asked if he kept the law. Yes, the man answered. Then, said Jesus, sell all you have and give it to the poor, and follow me. I could not do that. It goes counter to all my training in hard work and frugality!

    Thank you for writing about this – it’s refreshing to have such a conversation!

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