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The full moon

You stop to point at the moon in the sky, but the finger’s blind unless the moon is shining. One moon, one careless finger pointing — are these two things or one? The question is a pointer guiding a novice … Continue reading

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Between fear & faith

On 5th chakra, addiction, disease and surrender Whether being on a spiritual journey on the brink of surrendering, healing an addiction or a disease – energetically it is all connected to the centre of will-power: the fifth chakra. While the … Continue reading

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Angelic voice

by Lilli I don’t know who is singing, this is awesome ! I never heard this Ave Maria sung with such deep emotions in sombody’s voice. It simply makes me crying. Ave Maria

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Sing, just sing…

This is just such a lovely English Christmas carol. So much joy… I saw three ships I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day; I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day in … Continue reading

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Tell the Truth

O my restless heart! Tell the truth! What substance are you? Are you fire or water? Are you human or pure spirit? From what direction have you come? What food have you eaten? What have you witnessed in annihilation? And … Continue reading

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Who are you

As soon as you realize what aren’t you, you’ll also realize your true being, and it emerges by itself.     And don’t forget to check your relation with the Now every time you remember it.

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