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It’s part of the ego’s strategy to confuse you and turn you against the teaching.

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Sublime beauty

This is just such a beautiful work of art: Botticelli’s Madonna of the Magnificat from c 1481. The work portrays the Virgin Mary crowned by two angels. The Child Jesus is keeping in a hand the pomegranate, symbol of the Resurrection. The … Continue reading

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The core teaching

“The work of love is to create a window of the heart..” This is a stanza from the Rumi teaching “Open the Window” and I almost want to write it on a little post-it note to stuck it in all … Continue reading

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It’s a small world

Ah, the beauty of form… Villi in a mouse small intestine (1100x)

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The key is the flow

Let life flow. Let things come to you and leave you. Allow it. Let magic flow. Let it come to you and flow through you, then disappear.

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Open the Window

There is a street where the Beautiful One is known to take a stroll. When certain radiance is noticed through the latticed windows of that neighbourhood. people whisper, The Beloved must be near Listen: open a window to God and breathe. … Continue reading

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