The first book I ever read about spirituality was Chakras, Aura’s and Energies by Hetty Draaijer (1917). Although there is little to be found about her life, she seemed to have inspired many teachers in the field of meditation and working with Energy.

The book starts with the following verse;

God is the Light of the heavens and the earth.
The parable of His Light is as a niche and within it a lamp,
the lamp is in glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star, lit from a blessed tree,
an olive, neither of the east nor of the west
whose oil would almost glow forth, though no fire touched it.
Light upon Light!
God guides to His Light whom He wills.
And God sets forth parables for mankind, and God is All-Knower of everything.

With this verse a circle was completed. Hetty Draaijer believed it to be a poem that was translated from Persian. And as such it became like the beginning of my spiritual awareness. About 20 years later (10 years ago) I learned that it was actually a verse from the Quran. Now that I follow the path of the Islam I find it amazing that the first spiritual text I probably ever read was from the Quran.

The books of Hetty Draayer are not considered to be for beginners. In her books she focussed a lot on the 8th Chakra. Later I recognized that this focus had its consequences on my own spiritual wellbeing. In the words of a Chakra healer I ones knew; “Your life is here, on earth, not out there”. Here and now, I  might add.

With love, Raoef

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2 Responses to Beginnings

  1. Michaela says:

    How beautiful, thank you Raoef.

    What do you know about the 8th chakra ? What is it’s function ?

  2. Dreamfable says:

    I have only basic knowledge of the Chakras Michaela. I tend to understand things more on a “feeling” level. Understanding thing without understanding it. (Hope this makes sence 🙂 )

    Hetty calls it a reflection of heaven. About 40 cm above our 7th chakra. Connection with the cosmos, with the cosmic energy. Connection with God.

    For me… These are all beautiful words though. On the level of feeling I find it hard to describe. It’s cosmic indeed. Very attractive for me personally. Part of me want to go up there. A strange pulling sensation. Oneness.

    ET might say that these words are only pointers. And he is right.

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