All journeys have secret destinations…

Hello friends!
This is “Grace” from the forum, my real name is Patricia.
Geli has kindly asked me to write a few words about my recent
month-long trip to Eastern/Central Europe.
I thought perhaps the final entry to my little travel blog might be appropriate….so here goes!
Well, am all settled back in now.  Back with my piano and books 🙂
I began my travel blog with the following quotation:
“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware…”

So what was the secret destination?
Maybe I still don’t know….but if i were to guess….it would be this…
Life is the dancer, we are the dance.
Life has something it wants to experience through us in
these temporary forms…if we interrupt the flow
with our usual constant mental resistance we will suffer.
If we simply let the flow be and quietly observe it,
then moments of immense Joy will arise over and over.
This wonderful trip has allowed me to practice this
and understand the wisdom of it.
Still need lots of practice, but this was a WONDERFUL opportunity
to practice this.  Time after time, this choice came up : )
Plus my usual conclusion after a long trip away..
..there really is only One of us, it is the same energy bubbling up
through all these amazing forms.
Returning home, it feels like only the exterior images have changed,
the core is still the same, that deep Ocean of still energy.
But that deep Ocean REVELS in playing with form
and had an absolute blast touring through 7 “different” countries
and all i can say, in the end is…..thank you Universe!!!

love to all….peace to all

P. xxx
& with special thanks to Eckhart Tolle whose profound
influence underlies almost all my comments here!

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7 Responses to All journeys have secret destinations…

  1. Michaela says:

    Hi Grace…great to “read you”. Looking forward to hear about your adventures.

  2. Angelika says:

    Welcome (back) Grace!

    Thank you very much for your article!

    In Germany we have a saying, “going away in order to arrive.”

    I hope this makes sense in English…

    With Love, Geli

    • patriciaparry says:

      Makes perfect sense Geli : ) Thank you again for the invitation to post this little entry.

      love G/P
      Wonderful site you have here.

  3. Johanna says:

    Lovely, my heart says Yes, yes!
    What a gem from the Little Prince!

  4. patriciaparry says:

    To Michaela…I would love to call you next time I am in Vienna. I wanted to this time but have a horror of disturbing people : ) (and time was a little short this time). This is one city that is now among my favorites and it would be such a pleasure to return, there is still so much I havent seen. Vienna is dear to my heart now because I have seen how it cherishes its music and makes it readily available to even those who cannot afford it in other cities. I love its gentility and gracefulness…yes i want to return! And i would love to see you then!
    love from Grace/Patricia

    To Johanna…what a lovely comment! Merci beaucoup! 🙂

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