My Cushion

One o’clock in the night.
Turning and turning. Cannot sleep.
Out of bed, to my cushion.
Blanket around me.
Sitting in the dark.

I feel tensed.
I smile at my painbody.
“You like keeping awake don’t ya”, I ask.
I feel it jumping inside me.
Yes, yes, yes…
I smile at my funny painbody.

One conscious breath.
It’s like that first cup of coffee.
Like the first moments under the shower.
Letting go
Turning inside.

Suddenly I see a bird.
A tomtit.
Looking all happy.
hopping from one side to another.
I wonder what it’s doing here.
In my mind.

Back in my head again.
They are the same.
One concept, many words.
There I go again. Thinking.
One conscious breath.

I feel a cramp in my leg.
Zen likes pain.
I do not.
I stretch.
Change my position a little.
Still cramp.
I know nothing will help.
Back to bed.
To sleep

Salem, Raoef

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