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On Anger

For a while now I am planning to start writing about emotions.  Looking at them for what they really are and what they want to tell us. What is their purpose, their function and how do we generate them. How … Continue reading

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Siegfried is an innocent young man who grew up in isolation and has never felt fear. When he comes across the sleeping Brünnhilde and discovers his feelings for a woman he experiences a panic attack. To love a woman is … Continue reading

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On Anxiety

A conversation between Catrin and Michaela C: Hi Michaela, are you there? M: Hi Catrin. It is lovely to meet you. How are you ? C:  I am fine, have just been out for a long walk on the beach … Continue reading

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Dropping out

Conversation with Solveig Solly is a friend of mine who has been walking on the path with me  for some years now. Currently she is stationed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Two weeks ago she quit her corporate job and is now … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the smiling sage

Question : How does one get rid of fear ? Ramana Maharshi : What is fear ? It is only a thought. If there is anything besides the Self there is reason to fear. Who sees things separate from the … Continue reading

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Welcome the unease

What is this fear of awakening all about ? What is so scary about letting  go of old beliefs and living one’s full potential? Indeed. Why rather hold on to suffering, to pain and frustration than simply – change? Just … Continue reading

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I want nothing

  “I want for nothing” When I had my first awakening experience, I realised I wanted for nothing anymore. Everything was perfectly alright, I knew I would always have what I needed and all I wanted was dance to the … Continue reading

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I am living it !

Real life examples of living Truth. “I had a huge underlying fear that woke me up at night…..and now as the layers unfold in my daily life situation, I am being forced and/or driven to face every fear that comes … Continue reading

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On the sofa with Sheila

Conversation between Sheila and Michaela M: Hi Sheila. Good morning. Or rather Good evening to Southern California How are you ? S: Hello, Michaela. I am doing very well. I took a vacation day and was off today….enjoying some free … Continue reading

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The ardent alchemist

Losing interest and boredom are the language of fear.We do not go in circles – life flows in a spiraling motion. Get in the flow and find out for yourself.

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