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A´tini al-Nay (Give me the flute)

Little can move my soul so much as music. So if Michaela allows me too… A´tini al-Nay, written by Khalil Gibran and song by Fairouz, “Ambassador to the Stars” and “Neighbor to the Moon”. One of the first Arabic songs I heard. … Continue reading

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My Cushion

One o’clock in the night. Turning and turning. Cannot sleep. Out of bed, to my cushion. Blanket around me. Sitting in the dark. I feel tensed. I smile at my painbody. “You like keeping awake don’t ya”, I ask. I … Continue reading

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Some thoughts

by Raoef Yesterday, while I googled the internet, I stumbled upon the catholic priest, Father Barron. The clip is part of a video series from and Father Barron is commenting on subjects from modern day culture. In this clip … Continue reading

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The first book I ever read about spirituality was Chakras, Aura’s and Energies by Hetty Draaijer (1917). Although there is little to be found about her life, she seemed to have inspired many teachers in the field of meditation and … Continue reading

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Just a little sharing

My father past away when I was young and after moving from a big city to the country I felt lost. In this context my path crossed the path of a few special persons. In beginning teachers of an Indonesian … Continue reading

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Presence and Beauty

by Dreamfable Today I suddenly became aware of the role of beauty. That beauty almost pulls me into presence. I now recognize that is movement has been with me for as far as I know. I can wander for hours … Continue reading

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An oyster in it’s shell

by Dreamfable About 100 years ago Evelyn Underhill wrote her famous book about mysticism. According to some still the best introduction one might find. I remember, when I read it a few years ago, it shook my world and I … Continue reading

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A story of surrender

by Dreamfable Islam basically means surrender. Personally I would like to explain this as letting go of what I (my ego) want and surrender to what Allah wants. I believe that is about same as ET is talking about saying … Continue reading

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The word ‘ego’ is regularly used. Both here, as in ETTV. In Islam there is a similar term; Nafs. Man’s struggle with the Nafs is called Jihad, or the big Jihad. And of course…. It is a feminine word. :-P… … Continue reading

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It is challenging to write about Islam. There are so many opinions. So many emotions. Both outside, as well as inside of the Islamic community. And many times it is difficult to tell what is the truth. The only thing … Continue reading

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