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A flaring sun…

The Sun has unleashed its strongest flare in four years, observers say. The eruption is a so-called X-flare, the strongest type; such flares can affect communications on Earth. The monster flare was recorded at 0156 GMT on 15 February and directed … Continue reading

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Transformation Music

To underscore the current Parsifal Theme. The Transformation Music from Act 1 Parsifal_ Verwandlungsmusik James Levine, Bayreuther Fesspiele

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Searching for the Grail

There is such rich symbolism in the myth of Parsifal. It beckons to enquire further into the subject. You will remember, Parsifal is a story of a “fool’s journey” – and it takes someone with the innocence of a humble … Continue reading

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Sunset in Debrecen 3

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