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Strength and Elegance

My Pilates teacher told me about of this video. This is absolute perfection of a classic reformer exercise series. Joseph Pilates, a former boxer and self-defense trainer at Scotland Yard, was a  genius in terms of designing integrated, comprehensive system … Continue reading

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One day, One World…

Lybia protests and clashes A suicide bombing in Afgahnistan Unrest in Yemen A deadly attack on a Somali police station Pakistan hit by deadly drone strike Groundwater disappearing in China Bahrain protests continze Wisconsins Power Play Major Cyber attack in … Continue reading

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From protest to revolution

By Dan Hind Easily daunted but often reckless polemicist, author of “The Return of the Public” The popular uprising in Egypt is still less than three weeks old. We still cannot know how it will end – whether the ruling … Continue reading

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The crystalline moon

by Lisa The crystalline moon Pours a luminous shaker of pale Tinsel over the dancing doily Powder patterns On this lover’s night in winter. Such a shivery time For the heat of this distraction. But only the true fire of … Continue reading

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