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We tried to do something

“We got a message from Tunis,” Hosam Khalaf, a 50-year-old engineer stopped me to say. “And the message was: Don’t burn yourself up; burn up the fear that is inside you. That is what happened here. This was a society … Continue reading

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Fear of Flying

A few years ago I took a flight from New York to Europe, and soon after the plane started to cross the Atlantic, we ran into choppy turbulences. It was a really bad flight, the plane tossed about by rapid … Continue reading

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Old world or New Earth

GM and the awakening spirit…this ad has an interesting feel to it. Kids turning their back and listen to a boy spreading his arms like Jesus on the cross. The message is all in black and difficult to make out. … Continue reading

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O long for the flame…

Will transformation. O long for the flame, where a Thing escapes you, splendid in change: that designing spirit, master of what is earth, loves only the turning-point in the form’s curve, What closes itself, to endure, already freezes: does it … Continue reading

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Just comic

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