What you see and hear…

Postcard by Catrin

About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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3 Responses to What you see and hear…

  1. marietta says:

    In your opinion (asking all who read this) what do you think Adyashanti means in simple words,?Thanks

  2. Margret says:

    Hi Marietta,

    I think it means that every person has his/her own filter of their respective past experiences and conditioning through which everything is seen and heard. It happens to everybody and there are only a few who are actually able to drop or push away this filter which taints and falsifies the image/sound. So what you are seeing is a warped image of what is really there, warped by your own life experiences and the resulting conclusions and judgments.

  3. Michaela says:

    Yes, this is about perception. What you see ( in terms of the picture on your retina), is not what the “mind” makes out of it. What we “see” is an optical illusion. When we hear someone speaking, we translate the words into concepts in our mind. have you ever felt someone did not quite understand what you just said ? It is because for them, the concept is different.

    Just look at a tree, without giving it a name. You will see something new. Also, observe how we judge and label everything – this is the basis for seeing a distorted reality.

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