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What I have always wanted to ask….

A new category based on an idea from Marta. A question will be posted asking for input and counsel regarding a specific challenge. Please use the comment section for your response. Q6: Is a regular meditation practice important for awakening … Continue reading

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Stillness and harmony

Paul Cézanne, b Jan 19 1839 in Aix-en-Provence (born this day, 172 years ago)

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Did anyone insult you lately ? I have been contemplating the meaning of insult and it seems to be a rich subjcet. To insult somebody basically means to make a derogatory remark, accidentally of with the full  intention to hit … Continue reading

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Pure attention

The ego wants to make you think that it can do something with your attention. Like if you identified with the ego, you’re not pure anymore.. Your attention (actually You Are Attention) is always pure. It can only be distracted, … Continue reading

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Go deep, go deep

Here we are in this hidden corner, drunk. O friend! These companions merged into a single soul, drunk. detached from the self and the world, with mouths closed like pistachios, breathing lightly with the secret You gave them. in this … Continue reading

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