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Interesting development. At first, Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution, then the protests in Yemen – and now Egypt. Revolution is in the air and it looks like a wildfire. In all three countries it’s the people opposing their authoritarian and corrupt government, … Continue reading

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State of the Union

That world has changed. And for many, the change has been painful.  I’ve seen it in theshuttered windows of once booming factories, and the vacant storefronts of once busy MainStreets. I’ve heard it in the frustrations of Americans who’ve seen their paychecks … Continue reading

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Falling slowly

I don’t know you But I want you All the more for that Words fall through me And always fool me And I can’t react And games that never amount To more than they’re meant Will play themselves out Take … Continue reading

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What An Itch Revealed About The Eternal

The other night I experienced the itchiest of itches.  At first, I got up to get something to scratch it with but then I decided that it would be fun to simply sit with the itch.  I noticed that what … Continue reading

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