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The wisdom of Rumi

Though fire’s heat be hidden in the midst of water, Yet a thousand boiling bubbles prove it present. Though the heat of the fire be working unseen, Yet its bubbles signify its presence plainly. In like manner, the members of … Continue reading

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You realize, that you were under the control of thoughts and emotions. The ego suddenly sais: “How can thoughts and emotions controll you? It’s not the way it is.” You smile, becouse you know that the ego cannot see the … Continue reading

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The last house of this village

The last house of this village stands as alone as if it were the last house in the world. The road, that the little village cannot hold, moves on slowly out into the night. The little village is but a … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the attic

Imagine you had a glimpse of reality once and suddenly understood, you are not the plane two-dimensional being you thought you were, but there was another huge, multi-dimensional field in the beyondness of your own humanness, a vast nothingness that … Continue reading

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