State of the Union

That world has changed. And for many, the change has been painful.  I’ve seen it in theshuttered windows of once booming factories, and the vacant storefronts of once busy MainStreets. I’ve heard it in the frustrations of Americans who’ve seen their paychecks dwindle or their jobs disappear – proud men and women who feel like the rules have been changed in the middle of the

I believe we can. I believe we must. That’s what the people who sent us here expect of us.With their votes, they’ve determined that governing will now be a shared responsibility between parties. New laws will only pass with support from Democrats and Republicans. We will moveforward together, or not at all – for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than

The above is two paragraph’s from Barack Obama’s state of the union speech from Jan 25th, 2011 – taken out of context and in reverse order, because it does reveal the dilemma. Crippled by bipartisanship and filibustering, it seems to be impossible to go united about change in the US. The 2012 election is looming, so even Barack Obama is painting a picture of high speed trains and innovative new ventures, and not a word about the towering debts of the country and what to do to get out of it. Now would be the time to tell Americans what they have to do to correct the course and change. But the unique selling proposition of politicians is to promise change – without anyone ever having to change.

It is a beautiful speech and I do believe Barack Obama does understand his urgent priorities – and monumental task, despite not having said much about the “how do we have to move forward” in his state of the union address. But maybe we have to broaden our view a little bit and also read the ante – his address on the occasion of the shooting in Tuscon, 2 weeks ago.

Read for yourself:

State of the Union:

Tuscon :


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