I want to make poems that say right out, plainly,
what I mean, that don’t go looking for the
laces of elaboration, puffed sleeves. I want to
keep close and use often words like
heavy, heart, joy, soon, and to cherish
the question mark and her bold sister

the dash.  I want to write with quiet hands.
I want to write while crossing the fields that are
fresh with daisies and everlasting and the
ordinary grass.  I want to make poems while thinking of
the bread of heaven and the
cup of astonishment; let them be

songs in which nothing is neglected,
not a hope, not a promise.  I want to make poems
that look into the earth and the heavens
and see the unseeable.  I want them to honor
both the heart of faith, and the light of the world;
the gladness that says, without any words, everything.

~ Mary Oliver ~
New and Selected Poems Volume Two~

To me, Mary Oliver’s poem feels connected to this beautiful Rilke Poem that Michaela brought to our attention. It also reminds me of the question that someone raised about whether or not a regular meditation practice is necessary. For me, each is about relating to that which is arising in the moment and the beauty of not resisting life.  Each is about embracing life fully.

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1 Response to Everything

  1. Michaela says:

    Seeing Life how it is…thank you, Glen 🙂

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