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Leap of Faith

How do I find out my true purpose in life? I hear this question often and this is what most people in the course of a journey of awakening seem to be most interested in – how do I find … Continue reading

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Siegfried is an innocent young man who grew up in isolation and has never felt fear. When he comes across the sleeping Brünnhilde and discovers his feelings for a woman he experiences a panic attack. To love a woman is … Continue reading

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Converging the Feminine and Masculine – 2

–by Paul These two principles create something like a dance between them. This dance takes place on many, many levels. To get a sense of this, look at the water on an ocean or large body of water, like a … Continue reading

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The aviary

On my morning walks I sometimes pass an aviary – a large enclosure that gives the birds a larger living space that allows them to fly and is made to resemble the natural habitat. I often watch those birds – cockatoos … Continue reading

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Annoying people

A double enquiry between Angelika and Michaela Situation I (Michaela) M: There is something currently in my life that is just ridiculous and somewhat disturbing. So I wonder if we can shed some light on the sub-conscious pattern and solve … Continue reading

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On Soulmates

I finally have an answer why the divorce rates are skyrocketing: it is because everyone wants to marry their soul mates. I never really gave much thought to the idea of soul mates, until one day I found myself being … Continue reading

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Looking at oneself…

.. through the intelligence of the body by Paul In Brandon Bay’s book, “The Journey: A Road Map to the Soul,” she describes a process that she was given by an unidentified spiritual teacher. A student asked what to do … Continue reading

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The Restless Mind

by Gale Early this morning, my old dog paced from one room to another, settling down for a few seconds only to get back up and put her nose to the door to be let out. Moments later she would … Continue reading

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Conscious Teaching

By Paul I have been a music teacher (band and elementary “general” music as it is called in the United States) for 37 years. As careers go, for me, it has had the usual assortment of satisfying and frustrating moments … Continue reading

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A Hero’s Journey

An interview with Joseph Campbell on the meaning of mythology with regards to awakening. Many legends, stories and myths describe a certain evolution that is applicable to finding one’s path leading to transcendence and transformation. Heros are archetypes represented in … Continue reading

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