Course of action

Obama’s Lybia speech:


What is the right course of action ? I admit – I do not know. I do not quite trust the moral argumentation of a humanitarian intervention.  But it’s clear that Obama has taken the lead quite admirably, and he is setting the tone, as not only the American people are looking at him, but also Europe and the Arab World. One thing seems to be clear – no course of action, or inaction, will remain without consequences for the world. The impossible struggle we see here is the one of “reason and conditioning” versus “the right thing to do”. So let’s see what is unfolding..

“My main reaction to last night’s speech was a kind of bleak relief, a sort of grim gratitude, that we have a President who is capable of practical analysis and moral reasoning—under fire, as it were—and who, for good or for ill, treats his fellow citizens as adults, as thinking people to be informed and persuaded, not a fearful mob to be manipulated and condescended to.” H. Hertzberg ” The New Yorker”.

But where does intervention stop? Debate on Arming Lybian Rebels

See also commentary on : ” Informed Comment”

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