Stimulation Sleep and Death

Its 1.30 am here and the deathly silence is broken by a clear bird song. I am listening to the greatest of all composers. A composer that never plays the same tune again. I have to thank my unconscious need for stimulation for having kept me up till now but a short while ago, I was chiding myself gently for being taken over by the “need for stimulation”. I go through these spells once in a while. Acceptance is seeping through the many layers of it. Television and the internet are the two main sources of it. Food comes in a close second and the need for sensory stimulation comes a close third. Once the wheels are set in motion, its hard to pull away.

This also happens when there is over-indulgence of food in my life, which was the case over the Christmas period and I can almost feel the momentum slow down as each day passes by. So I learn that over-indulgence leads to a craving for stimulation, especially when it is corrected. Its not even that I deny food, just that food doesn’t have the same power over me anymore but my senses crave for stimulation in any form.

At the same time, professionally I have just seen quite a few deaths recently (“natural or expected!”….. come on people!). I dont know if it is a co-incidence but each encounter with death seemed to slow the momentum further. Nearly all expected and one very unexpected, which was that of a colleague who retired. 2 months into her retirement she drops dead! She had been a health fanatic. The only certainty is death.

Its easy when writing to see the logical sequence of events which wasn’t apparent until before. Fighting off sleep I add stimulation into my system, all the time being dimly aware I dont need this stimulation. Observing it seems to do nothing so I choose to go into it completely and that is how I see it slowing down. Day by day the sleep pattern is correcting itself.

So this early morning journey into contemplation has brought me to the junction of Stimulation, Sleep and Death. Many a times I have hung in that limbo and watched a stimulating thought meet death, and in meeting death my body surrenders to sleep.

Sleep well my friends.



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4 Responses to Stimulation Sleep and Death

  1. Michaela says:

    Stimulation, sleep and death. Perfect and beautiful. Thank you, Giri !

  2. Ah, yes, fear and anxiety are poor bedfellows. So there is a pattern of fear beneath the quest for stimulation? Interesting observation, Giri. I used to have a sense of “seeking” when I would visit Facebook so frequently until I made up my mind to let it go. I had read that extroverts see to lose themselves out there in the world and introverts seek to find themselves. Aware that I have a decidedly introverted preference for interacting with the world, I suddenly realized that’s what I was doing, seeing to find myself on Facebook. Then I realized how silly, even if I did “find myself” on Facebook, it would merely be the false self. I had quite a chuckle, then simply deleted my page. Amazing amount of time has become available to me to pursue my passions and enrich the “face-to-face” relationships that life brings to me day after day. It is always helpful when I find myself falling in the old rut of self seeking, all I have to do is stop and smile. Pleasant dreams… Love, Amy

  3. Martina says:

    Thank you Giri. With love and sweet dreams to you.
    Christmas holiday took me totally away from the internet. I returned with no desire to rush back into it. These circumstances wax & wane.
    Martina 🙂

  4. giri23 says:

    Thank you all for the feedback.
    I did have a very good sleep and am very present today morning!

    The healing powers of your site Michaela 🙂


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