Means of Life (5)

In many ways, food has become an obsession in our society.

As we have established, food intake is regulated by the bodily functions of hunger and satiety, as well as influenced by appetite, that is an indicator which type of food to choose.

Holistic medical systems like Ayurvedic Medicine or traditional Chinese Medicine regard food as medicine, endowed with particular properties and qualities, that will benefit certain energetic imbalances. The quality of the food we choose, has to be in harmony with climate, vegetation, season, age and physical condition. There is great wisdom in the holistic approach to nutrition, and guidelines and food plans are always individual and flexible, according to the specific need.

So food is medicine and it can help us to stay healthy and strong. The quantity and quality of food needed is very much dependent on the environment, but also how much we are exposed to environmental toxins, stress or conflicts. The body will always tell us what we need, but we need to be sensitive to it and listen to the language of our physical body.

All we need is close and within reach. Nature provides an abundance of food and if we go with the season, and what is offered regionally, that is already a good start. When I was a kid, we could tell by the food choices on the dinner table, what season it was and later, when I was travelling and  curious about local eating habits, I discovered that the traditional food of a geographic area was always perfect for the climate.

So eating should be really easy and straightforward. Everything we need is close by and truly,  we do not need much to sustain our body and replenish energy and matter. For this is what eating really is about – taking in food to break it down, release it’s energy and building blocks by burning it and then using the same.  Metabolismus is transformation in action and destruction, transformation and creation are the three inherent forces of life.

Much of the energy we need to get from the air and oxygen around us. We need oxygen as our primary source of energy . Oxygen is produced by the light-driven splitting of water during photosynthesis and it is produced by  algae in marine environment as well as terrestrial plants. Oxygen is essential for all aerobic organisms and in vertebrae it is taken in through the lungs and carried by the red blood cells to each single cell of the body. There a reaction takes place called aerobic respiration and it is exactly the reverse of photosynthesis. It sets free the energy needed for all life processes and this energy is responsible for beating the heart and all other body functions.

So we can see that nature provides all we need in a self-preserving system. We need nothing to add or take away, it is given for us to receive for free and we do the same. Giving and receiving as one swift motion is the principle of all life and everything is constantly transforming into something else.

So why do we think so much about food then, trying to outsmart the supreme  intelligence of our body ?

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