On the Sofa with Jerome

An exchange between Jerome and Angelika


A: Good Morning, Jerome! How are you?

J: Good morning.  I am wondrously blessed!  May I add that when I say or write that in response to that question, I consider to whom I am speaking, but more importantly, I make certain that I feel it.

A: Here you are! I am very glad that you have made it! May I tell you how we could proceed?

J: Certainly.

A: Isn´t this wonderful….now we meet at the same time…..is this how you would put it?
Have you seen the window at the right side of the screen?

J: Yes, I have.  I like the larger venue better, if that is acceptable.  And, yes, I would say that we are meeting at the same ‘time’.

A: How shall we tell each other that we are finished with the writing? Shall we use a sign or simply wait?

J: I noticed that you used the # key.  That’s good for me #

A: OK. This is good. So let us start. Do you have any questions? Would you like me to watch while you are writing or start reading only when you are finished with a post? #

J: I have no particular concern with you witnessing the process of my writing.  Or reading as I write, but it is up to you.  I rather view it as a conversation, where we are hearing the words as they flow, as the thoughts spring forth. #

A: This is very fine with me. Jerome, what would you like to talk about? #

J: HA HA.  By now my dear friend, you know that I am full of interests and thoughts on so many topics.  I could be engaged anywhere and be delighted to go there.  Have you any particular interests that would care to engage me in conversation? #

A: Allow me to be still for a moment and I will listen to what comes up, ok? #

J: Of course. #

A: What came to me immediately was, if I could ask you to explain about mystic experiences, that some of us might have during the process of awakening. I ask this because more than a year ago, as you may remember, I was all of the sudden experiencing mystic states. If it were not for you I would have thought I had gone mental. Do you say it like this? Sorry Jerome, sometimes my English is not so adequate.  #

J: Better than my German!!  Please! No apologies, and as I have mentioned on ETTV I am in constant awe of the ability of non native speakers to so articulately express some very complex issues.

So, to your question and to the origins of it from last year, yes I recall it very well, and I might add that it was that experience that opened my accepting that there was a role, shall we say, for me in that venue.  Not as a know it all, but as someone who accepts the unknowable as a given reflection of the totality of who we are.  The mystical experiences are a heightening of the energy of the experience that would otherwise have felt like a feather, but at the moment of breakthrough hits like a train.  We are not damaged by the experience, as long as it was not forced, but it is a collection of experiences that the soul, the consciousness, has deemed that we are ready to allow into the small consciousness of this life time, this time line of experiences.  The fear that we might be going mental, has its origins in the past, but it is breaking down finally as mind / science is beginning to accept that experiences of the mystics can be explained through chemistry of the brain.  It is a small step, but allows for the leaps to be made that allow us to accept that experiences outside of the acceptable normal are not abnormal, but merely an awakening to the possible and the given of the larger dimensions.  #

A: Thank you very much for this great explanation. By following your words, as you wrote them, I observed what was going on in me. I was calm and energized same time. They energy was flowing within me, even though you were talking about a topic that used to frighten me.
In retrospect I can be kind with myself for having gone through it. This hasn´t been like that for many months. As a German…..ha,ha….I judged on myself, that this was not a proper way to behave. Now I am more easy with it.
However, enough about me. Have you any idea, if many people are going through mystic experiences? And if so, are they recurring or rather of singular nature? #

J: Marvelous question, and one that I address with many of my clients, whether they ask for it or not.  Every experience is an opportunity for awakening to the deeper or deepening of consciousness.  As I view the larger world, there is a tsunami of consciousness that is flowing across the globe.  It is taking many forms, which are designed to touch upon the various fragments of the unexplored or repressed experiences of fear, lack, uncertainty, quest for control and power, and the revelation that each one of us as an individual or as a collective needs to address the summary issue of personal responsibility for all that has been manifest.  We have choices.  We are beginning to recognize, (in my view a bit too slowly!  Ah the judgment!) that the structures of job, community, government, country, are failing in the responsibility to grow in consciousness.

At an individual level, we are experiencing the feelings and being given situations through the intervention of higher consciousness (the collective desire to raise consciousness) to address the reasons that we are not happy, content, that there must be more than this.  Sometimes those challenges occur in the workplace, sometimes on the street, sometimes in the home.  Across the board, I am witnessing a growing sensitivity to “something is shifting” even if many people can’t quite their finger on it.  I refer to it as a heightening of the empathetic antennae that we are all gifted with having, but that we have rationalized away as we expand the mental body in favor of an integrated relationship between feeling (Spirit / presence) and thoughts / mind, linear construction that is important here in the reality of form, but only an aspect of the totality.  Each of us allows the opening to the greater as the greater sees our readiness to receive it into the form based reality that we are moment to moment experiencing.  The mystical experience will be along a very large spectrum of energetic awakenings, until we are ready to allow the leap. #

A: While reading your words, I saw the “ bigger picture “ appearing in front / or within me. I must confess, (shame on me)  that I was so engaged with walking forward on my path, that I have not yet taken a chance to contemplate on and observe what is happening around me. What really touches me is your description of how each one of us opens to the greater and the greater responds, or as you put it “sees our readyness”, back to us.
Is it an exchange between two realms of being? #

J: In a sense, yes, you could say that.  We have the realm of form, the senses as we have defined them and experience them.  Even that has an energy that can accept so much inflow from the universal. As the form refines its energetic frequency, the  finer frequencies of the larger consciousness can be received without burning out our circuits.  The finer energies of ‘consciousness’, who we are in reality, in the larger picture of us as a fragment of the Divine, or Prime Source, or whatever we might wish to refer to ALL THAT IS, is simultaneously present along side of our experiences in this particular moment of the dreaming.  So in that way, we are conscious of our awakening even as we are conscious of our sleeping, and not wanting to disturb the dream for fear of missing what might be an important insight at that moment, which could then be enhanced later through the more subtle energies. Make sense? #

A: I do not understand your second last sentence. I can see, that I am sometimes conscious of my awakening. For me it works by becoming aware of Stillness, that arises out of the depth of my inside, or suddenly understanding complex coherence, or just feeling deep peace.
At other times I act out of ego and realize it only later, or I watch myself being somehow “driven.”
The part I do not understand is, that we do not want our dream to be disturbed because we might miss anything of importance. Isn´t this being identified with ego? And if so, how could this later be enhanced by subtle energies? Where are these energies rooted in? I am puzzled here…..#

J: Within the context of your previous question and my answer is the reason for your puzzlement.  The last sentence was a description of the second realm of consciousness that exists simultaneously to the awakening awareness of consciousness that is the gift of this form and its partnership with the fragment of “us” manifesting here.  So, the last sentence was a description of our larger / finer consciousness witnessing our experiencing of this life as the dreaming.  To awaken the form based awareness to the greater before it has allowed its readiness, would be to burden the accepting of reality that we are awake and not sleeping before we were ready to wake up and to recognize the dream.

What you described in your question, is the awareness coming through the experiencing within this dimension of awareness.  In that way you are quite correct in you descriptions.  But, until the unreal can be accepted as it is, to force the issue before there was a readiness risks insanity.  But then again, that would just be another experience that would be added to the entirety of the larger consciousness that we are.  Help? #

A: You already have helped me tremendously. When I listen to your writing ……I know that this might sound strange, but this is what I am doing, your words create a deep satisfaction, which is accompanied by a feeling, that all is well. It is as if a trust in the entire process of awakening is getting installed within me. I may be sailing in stormy wind again, but I have the knowing that my boat, or rather the essence of it,  wont´t be sinking. I thank you very much for this experience I am having right now, that goes much further than your written words. I can not recall having experienced trust like this before. This is amazing!!!#

J: I am so glad that you brought this point back.  When I suggested that you read as I wrote, that you would experience the words as though I was speaking with you at the moment, is what I wanted.  At the moment of your reading / hearing / feeling the words, the dimensions of the form based distance are dissolved and the energetic connection that knows nothing of distance or form, freely connects and allows for a deeper connection between the aspects of consciousness that are active at this very moment.  It is as though an invisible weaver were taking the threads of energy and connecting the patterns into the tapestry, not as a photo at two dimensions, but as a layered manifestation of our energies together to create a deepening of what we both knew, but as one person was not quite able to bring into reality, but as two, easy! #

A: I am still in awe. Words are missing to come out of me. (Can you say this?) Stillness is predominant. May we be in Stillness for a little while? We have been exchanging for two hours now and I have promised my daughter to help her with homework. How about you? Can we be in Stillness for a few minutes with each other? And then I have to leave to help Elisabeth. #

J: Of course.  One last thought, and then I shall be finished.  It is in the stillness that the other dimensions of the SELF, integrate what the awarenesses that we have opened to into our experiences.  The subtle energies are weaving as we allow the stillness to be. #

A: I smile at you, dear friend. #

J: And from across the room, I at you#

A: This has been an amazing experience, especially since we hardly know each other on the level of outer form. Thank you very very much for listening to me, explaining so many things to me and exchanging so deeply. I wish you very well, dear friend! Namaste.

A last question. Shall we put this conversation on the blog? #

J: I would be honored that you would feel it worthy of being posted there.  If you feel that it is in keeping with your intended mission there on the blog, that it may serve others, then of course, please feel free to take from it what would work there.  And yes it is true that we don’t ‘know’ each other in this time, we are connected, and have been, through the weaving of our souls over time.  This time was an agreement before the incarnation, which we could have changed at any moment, but which we each chose to allow in the present moment.  I have been, and always am wondrously blessed by this medium that has allowed me deepen my connection to ALL THAT IS, and to all of the permutations of manifestation, one of whom is you, my friend. #

A: I will take the conversation into the blog as we have had it. Then it contains what has been in its fullest. And yes, it does serve others to see and maybe learn what can be done via this medium and how we can connect, no matter how far the distances are and no matter how different our life situations seem to be.

And please come back for a conversation or any other kind of exchange or contribution as often as you would like to. I am very glad for everything that will come.

Now I have to go. I wish you a fine Wednesday and all of the best to your family!
Namaste, Jerome! #

J: (no words here, just smiling at you, dear friend.)#

A: #…………#…………#

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8 Responses to On the Sofa with Jerome

  1. Michaela says:

    Dear Angelika and Jerome – thank you very much for observing & communicating what is happening between each other during these conversations. Even though it is different each time, it is often palpable and draws you in. It does not leave either, sometimes for many hours after the conversation has ended. Establishing a connection like this is a sacred act, don’t you think ?

  2. Nico says:

    Yes, sacred indeed. Did you watch the video Patch posted, Michaela? That lovely woman talks about sacred space. This is it.
    Thanks Jerome and Angelika. It always amazes me how the issues that are interesting me seem to come up across the planet at the same time… more affirmation that we are one.

  3. Angelika says:

    Dear Nico, I have come to learn that we can be close with each other, no matter how far we are away. I was in awe when I read of your concern about metaconsiousness. Will you sit with me on the Sofa, Nico? I am ready when you are. With deep Love, Geli

  4. equiwolf says:

    Such profound truth in simple words – need we ever say more?
    “Every experience is an opportunity for awakening …”

  5. Angelika says:

    Dear Gale,
    In case you come back and read here again, may I ask you, if you would like to “sit on the Sofa” with me? WL.Geli

  6. Abitiki says:

    This meeting each other is the unfolding of a sacred contract…

  7. Angelika says:

    Ja. Abi.

  8. giri23 says:

    Slowly catching up!
    Thank you

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