I am a part of it

The series ” The world we live in Now” has been an experiment.

For some time now I have been posting articles I found across a wide selection of media. I tried to stick to articles written by independent experts and reflect a picture based on facts, avoiding speculation.

I have been painting a picture of the world we live in Now.

To me this is a world that is re-inventing itself. A world that in rapid pace is shedding old beliefs, systems and structure. The emerging topics are true democracy, self-organisation and a new economic model, largely free from the driving forces of consumerism and monetary system. That goes along with great concern and care for natural resources, the responsible use of energy and preservation of ecological systems. It will lead to new societal values, a new definition of government and administration – without the need to politics – and by and large a departure from the current economic, political and societal systems we have come to get used to. For they have served their purpose and now they are failing.

Brave New Earth.

The changes are swift, momentous and irrevocable. they are driven by 3 key driving forces – nature, people and the internet.

Natural disasters cause huge disruption and change. There is the effect of the great droughts in China, Russia and Europe, as well as flood, storms and volcanic or tectonic activity. In its wake we see the effect on the global economy, in particular in terms of food prices, but also in terms of migration, impoverishment and the emergence of diseases and epidemics.

Not to speak of catastrophic events like Fukushima, or even ecological disasters like the oil spill in the gulf.

It also has an effect on the energy prices and this in turn is affecting the global economy. Rising prices are leading to less consumption, which is leading to unemployment. Aggravated by the financial crisis and the public debt, also public spending is coming to a halt, affecting healthcare, education and infrastructure.

This in turn is leading to dissatisfaction – and many times to acts of pure despair – in people. Once they have not enough money to put food on the table, or pay for the most urgent needs in terms of health care or the need of their children, they obviously ask themselves, what is happening with their tax money and what are governments doing to protect them.

If it is on Tahrir square in Egypt,  Puerta del Sol in Madrid or Syntagma Square in Greece – the issues are the same and then of thousand, mostly young people have gathered to demonstrate, not for the left, or the right, but for common sense.

They may be the first, but soon they will be joined by their brothers and sisters all over the world. There will be one common goal – true democracy and the formation of new ways of living and working together, motivated by human need, as opposed to national greed.

We are indeed witnessing the birth pangs of a New Earth.

What made it possible is this being interconnected. The internet has served as a tool, as a conduit, for the collective need to finally see the truth about having been enslaved by false systems and beliefs, and having supported them with their manpower and tax-money.

It is everywhere. Everything we believed in. The power of nations, institutions and corporations, the influence on beliefs and stability of systems like church and state, tribal identities and in general “the way we do things”.

In awe we see everything falling away.

And it is becoming so obvious, that nothing in this world happens in isolation. If child-sex trade or corruption, slavery or the destruction of nature and resources, the wars, the pollution, the drugs, the abuse – there is nothing in this world, I am not a part of.

But also our beliefs in our way of life, the emphasis on productivity, the idea of success and failure, the ubiquitous fragmentation and separation – everything we have come to believe in, as they way things have to be. And yet, nobody said that even this is the way things are, that they cannot and will not change, even though we may think it is utopian.

It is anything but. It is what is emerging and I am a part of it.

And this is what compels me to become silent and humble. No finger-pointing, no feeling superior or even looking away and avoiding – it is what it is. My thoughts and actions are affecting this world and puts the responsibility right back onto me.

So I continue to live my life in the moment, the only place that is and ever will be. In times like this it is useless to look back – or forward for that matter. It is important to stay centered and make sure one’s own thoughts and actions are not driven by fear. It is a little bit like white-water rafting: hold on to your seat, trust the universe and enjoy the ride. The world is going to change and so are we.

Inside out.


About Michaela

I am a wanderer and a wonderer, like you are. I love our journey and to walk in the company of friends – to learn, experience, share, laugh, cry and above all I simply love this marvelous, magical, mysterious life. I have no plan (cannot believe I am saying this) and my only intention is to be truthful to myself and others.
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8 Responses to I am a part of it

  1. Dreamfable says:

    To protect myself I stopped watching the news for a while. Now that I am again following the world we live in, I can only say that I am worried. I am worried for the world as a whole. Worried about developments in the Arab countries, worried about growing intolerance and racism in the Netherlands and worried about the economic and social plans of the dutch politicians. And on top… I am worried about what these worries do to me. 🙂

    I feel how I am getting more cynical and distrusting and I dislike that. The only way I know to turn this movement in myself around is to separate myself more and more. But I doubt if this is the best way.

    A new earth? Some time ago I wrote that I do not believe in it. Believe me… I want to believe in it but the reality is that I still don’t


    • Michaela says:

      It is up to us to change the nightmare into a happy dream. All it takes is to move into one’s centre and live the Truth we have realised. Be present, be in the moment, don’t project, manage fear. It takes people like us to raise the frequency and affect the world we live in now.

      I see so many positive signs of a new earth. The old world, and in particular the old systems are crumbling. But they crumble because they do not work any longer, It is just form that is disappearing.

  2. fatima says:

    S.A brother Raoef,
    Are you really worried? As in …..there is a tape playing over and over in your head…sometimes cleverly disguised as conflicting loves for my family, my children, my nation, my religion?

    Or……is it fear that rises up in you ….sometimes in the form of (disguised as) anger even, but also as love. Its the fear that rises up in me that I notice. “Fear of what,” I ask myself….physical pain? My own or somebody elses? In this life the experience of pain is inevitable…..even the Prophet Muhammed, sas experienced pain, physical and emotional.

    The big picture….it’s all been laid out….remember Dajjal, remember Mehdi?

    The small picture…my small human life…all happens where my feet are on the ground….as does Taqwa.
    This was the example of the holy Prophet. See what arises where my feet are on the ground and respond to that out of presence or, out of the question “What would he do…which kind of amounts to the same thing, don’t you think? No worries.

    love, fi amani Allah,

  3. Dreamfable says:

    wa aleykum assalem Oghti,

    your right… it’s fear… and your right about how to handle it too…

    Wise woman. 🙂

    JazakAllah Khayr


  4. fatima says:

    elhamdullilah if you found my comments helpful.

    estaghrullah el Azim for our short comings.

  5. Michaela says:

    This teaching addresses the fear and how important it is to recognise what is holding us back

  6. fatima says:

    Thank you Marille,

    Yes it does and it is affirming to hear what resonates in me from the traditions of the Holy Prophet, sas,, coming from living teachers from other traditions and what lives in me from walking this path reflected in the people around me from many traditions, or none. That humankind is one community is part of my tradition. That they will or even should all practice Islam is not. As my Sheikh said, Islam is not the only way but it is the latest model. Updated for modern man if you like. What is 1500 years in the evolutionary sense anyway? A mere drop in the bucket of time, thats what.

    Prophet Muhammed, sas, never but once that I can think of acted out of fear; he always acted out of love. And, he was assuredly a humanBeing. The one time that I can think of that he acted out of fear was when the first revelation came and he was shaken to his very core, terrified, that he was losing his mind or possessed………he arrived home ashen and trembling, saying to his wife “Cover me, cover me……” It resonated. I believed it. I wasn’t there was I? Its not the beliefs that concern me its the velcro.

    Its always good to keep in mind that “Things that appear to be the same may not be, and that things that appear to be different may actually be the same”.

  7. Dreamfable says:

    Thank you Marille. Need to listen to it a few more times though…

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