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Our charming little ways…

Letting go is a process. Letting go means to become aware of the way we are used to do things and decide to do it differently. Letting go does not mean to just stop doing something – it means a … Continue reading

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The ardent alchemist

What do you call a leaf turning it’s colour ? Do you you think it is beautifully vibrant or do you discard it as old and useless ?

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Walkers don’t drive

Sometimes I think it all began when I stopped driving. Some years ago I moved to a big city and quickly realised  I wouldn’t need a car there.  After decades of driving I found myself walking, riding my bicycle or … Continue reading

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Feeling trapped

An enquiry between Angelika and Michaela A: Good merry afternoon, Michaela!!! How are you doing on this Saturday? M: Hi Geli, very merry good afternoon to you too. Have a tea with me ! What is going on in your … Continue reading

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The Old and the New Testament

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier is considered the ‘Old Testament’ of the pianist as opposed to the ‘New Testament’ – the 32 piano sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven. The Well-Tempered Clavier is characterized by a technical and compositional mastery which … Continue reading

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